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Hello and Happy Monday, gang!
I am getting really sick of this dreary weather – how about you? Right now I’m looking out the window at the gray sky, thinking a nap sounds wonderful. Sonya mentioned seasonal affective disorder last week and I’m thinking a lot of us have a bit of that going on right now.

It truly feels like Monday. Here’s a funny quote I just found about this day of the week: “Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life.” ~Author Unknown

Also lame … spilling an entire glass of red wine all over cream colored pants. Thank God for Spray & Wash. Pants saved.

Not lame – having a husband who can fix almost anything. My folks’ golf cart broke down when Michael and I were out for a ride one night. We had to push it about a mile. From what I can gather online, most electric golf carts weigh about 600 pounds. Not exactly a romantic outing. Our assumption was that the cart needed new batteries, but Michael kept investigating because the lights still worked. He ended up finding the problem – a blown battery cable. The next morning he went to Auto Zone, got a new cable and had the cart repaired in no time. Whew!

There are TONS of Iowa people in Arizona. Every time I’ve been there visiting my parents I meet snowbirds who watch Channel 13 – this time a lovely couple from Indianola. What a small world.

THIS JUST IN! Baby Fales has arrived. Congrats to Andy and Kahala.

Have a great week,

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