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Ten Years Later, Justice is Served

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I basically had this blog all laid out at 9:30.  Plenty of sports topics, some mundane, some thought provoking, but in the scope of things, nothing that important.  Every now and then the real world shakes us from the out of the toy department that is the sports world.  It seems like it isn’t that often we get GOOD NEWS…..

Osama Bin Laden is dead.  My first emotion, after the sudden shock had worn off, is the one I get when I see my favorite team hit a walkoff homer, a buzzer beater, or a field goal in overtime.  Multiplied by about a billion.  This is the ultimate win, one that will last, I hope for a while.

Then it hit me…..ten years.  The memories of that day, of watching the towers fall, of the fear and terror.  It made me want to cry.  It will never bring back those lost, but it is a reminder to never forget.

And then to see the unity.  If there was one good thing that came out of the nightmare of 9-11, it was the brief moment where everyone dropped their differences and came together.  We’ll always be a country with divisions, but to see people react to this news, to see the people celebrating at the White House, it felt like we had that unity again, for however long it may last……

Evil will go on, and people will always try to attack the life and liberty of this country and the world.  That won’t change.  But today is a reminder that justice, no matter how long it takes, is always served.

I’m sure the political spin will begin in full force and we’ll hear who gets credit.  First and foremost-our fighting forces and the people who, for ten years, have worked tirelessly to bring in this man.  Since 9-11 the noose has been closing slowly but surely.  I personally thought Bin Laden would probably turn up dead in some cave in Afghanistan, resources exhausted.  That he was killed at the hands of an American team of soldiers, and that none of them perished as well, make the symbolism and importance of this that much more impactful.

A special shout out to some of the callers on SoundOFF, which included a few current and former members of our armed forces.  I thought it was a stirring, poignant, and funny piece of television at the same time, and I think we were lucky to get a chance to broadcast on this kind of night.

Tomorrow this blog will go back to the victories and losses in the sports world.  Tonight we celebrate the victory of our country.  Thank you to our troops, thank you to those helped make this victory possible, and God Bless the USA.

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