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Death Watch: If the White House releases the gruesome photos of Osama bin Laden after U.S. troops shot and killed him, do you want to see them? bin Laden got shot twice, one time near the left eye. The pictures won’t be pretty. Far from it. Media outlets all over the country should be having the debate now about what they will do. To show or not to show the pictures? Obviously, we don’t know exactly how unsightly the pictures will be yet, as I write this. But it seems we all deserve to have the discussion. We don’t normally show bodies, and for good reason, especially severely damaged bodies. But this would seem to be an exception, at least it seems that way to me. I think this is a picture both the American public and the world would want to see to both shut up the conspiracy theorists who think bin Laden isn’t dead or died years ago and to offer that final piece of closure (sorry, I hate that saying but it’s all I could think of in this case).

What do you think?


  • v.diaz_81

    Here in the U.S.A they never show that kind of stuff but at blogdelnarco. they show all that gruesome mess for those interested. I rather not watch but I can't deny I am curious.

  • Frugal Gardener

    My question would be – how would the extremists react to the release of the photos? Would this fuel their retaliation? Quite honestly I am curious and probably would look at the images should they be released and I do agree that it may be the final closure or confirmation that is needed. But could this potentially cause more harm than just leaving it alone?

  • Katie Marie

    I want to see them we have waited 10 years for Bin Laden to pay for what he done to our country. Just as I seen the dead bodies on T.V. from 9/11 I want to see his body for closure.

  • Anonymous

    I think there are going to be many people that will want to see the pictures because they will need the visual verification that his death is a reality.

  • Anonymous

    some are concerned that publicly showing these photos will cause retaliation on our country…face it, the OBL terrorist followers are going to retaliate regardless…yes these photos should be released to the public so that thousands of people can rejoice and find closure that they need…for those who can not stomach the gruesome pics you have 2 choices, turn off your tv's and don't search the internet for them.

  • Amy

    I agree with Kaite. If we can watch AMERICANS jumping and falling to their death from the towers because of this man. Then I dont see the problem showing the proof that in fact “we got him”!!

  • Anonymous

    We need to see them for our onw peace of mind.
    Love the phrase by Ronald Reagan that states, “Trust, but Verify.”

  • Anonymous

    I so agree with the Reagan Statement. “Trust ,but Verify”
    My son is currently serving in Afganistan. Thanks to all those serving! SHOW HIM..

  • Denise

    What are showing the pictures going to accomplish? I think it will only increase violent acts against the US by extremist. Showing pictures will do nothing nor change the situation, which is that this animal is dead as he rightly deserves to be so. I think the media needs to drop this and stop adding fuel to the fire.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see the pictures for one. and for two I have not forgotten the grumesome beheading videos of Daniel Pearl by terrorists. I think it would eliminate all the conspiracy theories going around.

  • Anonymous

    I think that they should let us see them because some people who lost a family member or friend might want to see the photo of the murderer of their loved ones. Just so they know that what they have sought for revenge has finally been won. They should allow us to see them, if we want to. In other words, show the pictures, but keep them limited. If none of this makes sense, hire a translator.

  • Logo

    This is very interesting. May or may not be true. You'll have to decide for yourselves. Just keep your eyes open and balance the whole thing.

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