Hazzel Dazzle Sick/IceBurgundy, Gregory Gone, Endless Pregame

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Chris got sick on Friday and thus I had my Ron Burgundy moment to fill in on the anchor desk for the first time since coming to WHO.  I don’t think I’ve ever met any college kid or young guy in the sports broadcasting business who doesn’t want to anchor.  I should know, I was one of them not long ago.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun every so often, but I lost interest in it the last few years other than using it to try and get out of Fargo.  I’ve never liked being in the office all day and tied to a desk (well that and makeup).  I’d rather be the dude at Kinnick Stadium shooting the game than watching it as I get ready to anchor.  That said, check back with me in ten years when I’m pushing 40 with a family.

Always enjoy watching the Kentucky Derby even though I don’t get into horse racing.  Since it’s been so long since our last triple crown winner, it’s easily the Super Bowl of horse racing.  Big fans of the sport have to hope that changes.  Horse racing has never had the kind of popularity since the last triple crown.  Don’t know that it will happen this year, but Animal Kingdom had a helluva a finishing kick.

I hate the fact we seemingly get more pregame than the Super Bowl for a two minute race.  And I never understood lumping horses in with human athletes.  I can remember the end of the millennium countdowns where Secretariat was listed as the 37th best athlete of the century.  Huh?  These horses are BRED to race, they’re born to race.  I’m sure there will be breeding for human athletes in the future when we have flying cars, but until…….   

I think John Gregory is done with the Barnstormers.  Nothing on him, some of their losses have been tough luck.  But when management gives you the “vote of confidence” and demands a quick turnaround, 71-57 in the L column won’t do it.

I thought Todd Wellemeyer was done on Thursday after getting tattooed in his first outing.  Saturday he made it official.  Not a bad career at all.  Probably wishes he’d retired AFTER winning the World Series ring last year.

I think the Lakers are beyond David Stern’s help now.

The first round of the NHL playoffs were great, but the second round has been a buzzkill.  Pretty much every series has been out of hand quick.

A friendly reminder boys and girls on behalf of Chris, remember to thoroughly wash and rinse your hands after eating, using the can, or picking your nose.  Keep it classy Des Moines.

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    Good call on horses being BRED to race. I never get putting them on countdowns with human athletes, either.

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