Iowa Teen Doesn’t Pay For Gas, Kills Friend, According to Police

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Sad. Just Sad: An Iowa teen filled and fled and now his friend is dead because of his actions, according to Ames police. Police say 18-year-old Kaleb Hoversten had two friends in the car when he drove off from a gas station without paying, raced 90-miles-per-hour to try to get away from police, collided with an SUV, killing his friend. All for $52.62 in gas.

Here’s the release from Ames PD:

On Saturday, May 7, 2011, at 1:07a.m., Ames Police received a report of a gas drive off at the Kum & Go located at 4506 Lincoln Way. It was reported that a white male wearing a black shirt and driving a purple Firebird had left the store without paying for $52.62 in gas. Shortly after receiving this call, an Ames police officer located a vehicle and driver matching this description traveling eastbound on Lincoln Way at Hayward. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle by activating his emergency lights and siren. After the officer activated his emergency lights and siren, the vehicle accelerated to a speed estimated to be in excess of 90 mph. At that point, the officer decreased his speed and followed the vehicle at a distance.

The driver continued at a high rate of speed eastbound on Lincoln Way. The Firebird then collided with a 1997 Toyota 4Runner at the intersection of Lincoln Way and Duff Avenue. The Firebird was occupied by three individuals. One of the occupants was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. He was identified as Brice Nelson, age 16, of Nevada. The driver of the Firebird was identified as Kaleb Hoversten, age 18, of Ames. Hoversten was treated and released from Mary Greeley Medical Center for minor injuries. The other passenger of the Firebird was identified as Tori Page, age 14, of Nevada. Page was transferred to Mercy Hospital in Des Moines. The driver of the Toyota was identified as William Schroeder, age 38, of Ames. Schroeder was transferred to Methodist Hospital in Des Moines.

The driver of the Firebird, Kaleb Hoversten, was charged with Vehicular Homicide, a class C Felony, Driving Under Suspension, a simple misdemeanor and Theft 5th, a simple misdemeanor. Additional charges may be forthcoming.

Investigation continues by the Ames Police Department and the Iowa State Patrol. Anyone with information relating to this incident is encouraged to contact the Ames Police Department at (515) 239-5133


  • Anonymous

    This area needs a curfew because some parents do a horrible job of supervising their children. I don't think it will be long before prepay becomes the standard at gas stations.

  • Dave Price

    The dead teen was just 16. The other passenger was just 14. I would think a lot of parents wouldn't want their kids out at 1 in the morning. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    I agree, parents are succoming to teen pressure. Your the boss, be it. And congrats to the Hoverston parents for creating another f'ed up kid. If you don't want kids, don't have them.

  • Anonymous

    I know the parents of this child and they are far from how you are describing. It is a tragedy for all parties involved and instead of writing harsh words to a family you do not know, try to approach the situation with eyes of compassion instead of judgment. I am not saying what he did was in any way excusable; a life has been lost from a horrible decision, but his parents are not to blame for a decision that he made. My prayers are with all families who were affected and will forever be affected by this heartbreak.

  • Anonymous

    This was a horrible accident, the parents are not to blame! They are wonderful parents, they did the best they could with Kaleb, and their other children also. My heart goes out to everyone, and I am praying for all families, and Kaleb also!

  • Anonymous

    while nothing is worse than losing a child, and there is no changing these horrible events, everyone involved including the suspect's parents have to be going through a very difficult time. You can not control what your children do.
    Even the best parents in the world with the best intentions cannot predict what a child will do. They can only guide them and hope they have raised responsible children.And that they grow up to do the right thing. No one should judge these people if we really dont know what they are going through!

  • Anonymous

    i was the 14 tear old in the crash and i knew them both extremely well o know Kaleb wouldn't have wanted this to happen.

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