Vilsack Listening On-Line

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I’m Listening: Those were Dr. Frasier Crane’s words on his tv show in the 1990s.

YouTube let me down as I tried to find those words, but I did find his theme song. So we will be back after these messages…

Anyway…Former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack sent out a message to Story County Democrats (where she will live as she gets set to run for Congress in Iowa’s 4th District). Apparently, Democrats are also looking for a place to live for Vilsack’s Campaign Manager Patrick Brown. So if you have a room…

Here’s Vilsack’s email:

Dear Story Dems,

When I announced that I was exploring the possibility of representing Iowa in the U.S. House of Representatives, I was shocked — and humbled — by the outpouring of support that flooded in. People I’ve met this past week have made it clear that it’s important to listen to Iowa families about their priorities.

I have spent the last week traveling throughout Northwest Iowa, listening to people of the 4th district talk about their priorities. The stories they’ve shared have been truly touching. I have seen the innovation of Iowans from the research park in Ames to an ethanol plant in Galva to the wind farm near Jefferson.

I want to hear from you about your priorities and what’s happening in your community.
Today, I am launching my online listening tour – use this form to share your story with me.

I need you — we will only succeed if this is a people-powered campaign. Please tell your friends and family what we’re doing and invite them to sign up for our email list. Spread the word about our Facebook and Twitter presence — you’re going to see me start tweeting from the road as I continue my listening tour.
Please join me on this journey. Your input, advice and support are crucial. Thanks again for everything you do and for sharing your ideas about your priorities and what we can do, together, for Iowa.

Christie Vilsack

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