Wonder What?!?! I am a plant killer. A really little flyer….

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Hallelujah! Blogger is working for me today. I am convinced that I put out some weird signal that causes electronic devices and anything technical to malfunction.

I love Wonder Woman. I once wore a Wonder Woman costume for a live shot prior to Halloween… it didn’t end well and that’s a whole different story for another time. Because of my affection for the heroine, Michael bought me this mug.

This mug caught the eye of Keith Murphy and he told me about the Wonder Woman series that’s in production – somehow I missed this, even thought it’s an NBC pilot. ANYWAY – the biggest buzz thus far is about the outfit.

What do you think? The first version (on the right) looks more like Wonder Slut than Wonder Woman, if you ask me. The updated costume for Adrianne Palicki is on the left. How do you think it compares to Lynda Carter’s getup? At least they finally got the boots right!

I’m sure this was considered pretty risque in the 1970s but it sure looks tame compared to a lot of the stuff we see on TV these days.


Yup – this is what the majority of my rose bushes look like right now. I am so sad. We planted them last year and I tended to them on a pretty regular basis and covered them with straw over the winter, yet only one out of five seems to have survived. This is the only plant that appears to be capable of surviving my black thumb….

Our hostas look great. They do every year. I don’t do anything for them. Maybe that’s the key – I just need to keep my distance and growing things will keep growing. Hmmmmm…..

Finally … if you squint REALLY hard, you might be able to read this flyer. Since I don’t want you to hurt yourself, I’ll just tell you what it is. There is a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society this Saturday at Cory’s Irish Pub in Bondurant. Sydney Lett will be playing from 8-10pm and there will be dancing and karaoke until close.
This event is put together by my friend Scottie Janssen. His son Noah is the Boy of the Year. He was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2001 when he was just a little dude.

This is Anna Richmond – she’s the Girl of the Year. Anna was diagnosed with Leukemia two years ago when she was four years old. I got to meet her last month and she is the sweetest thing. If you get a chance to watch the Channel 13 News at 10 tonight, you’ll see Anna in our 13 Cares story.

Have a great week!


  • gymrat

    I was so in love with Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman as a kid. They'll never top her. But…. I'm just fine with the costumes they're putting together. :-D Since you mentioned it, you know you're going to have to share a picture of when you dressed up as WW.

  • Carrie Krupke

    I wouldn't know who Sydney Lett is but she attended Norwalk (where my husband and I teach) for a little bit this year! Glad she's busy performing for good causes. :)

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