Lenox Leveled, Inexcusable and Job Killing You?

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Good Morning!
I had a lot going on this weekend so I forgot to relate a good (and bad) story from a local business.
Sunday we went to Gateway Market for brunch. It was Mother’s Day of course so the place was CRAZY! We got seats and highchairs, which can be a challenge sometimes then ordered food. About 15 minutes later, food came out of the kitchen, but it wasn’t ours. We sent it back into the kitchen but somehow in the bustle of getting that food to the right table, our order got lost. After another 15 minutes of waiting we asked about our food. A sheepish looking kitchen manager cam out to tell us the order had been lost but she and the entire staff were really nice about it. they got us a plate of fresh fruit so the boys had something to snack on and didn’t melt down…they refunded our meal cost and gave us a comp for next time.
My point is this…no one is perfect, especially on a day where there is so much potential for mistakes. Gateway came to us, admitted there’d been an honest mistake and then the staff did all they could to make it right. Simple enough.

To the news:

Lenox Leveled
The entire Southern Third of the State had had about enough of Mother Nature this Spring. I can’t blame them. I’m always interested to see people’s reaction to the storm, even when we show up…they’re still very shaken. Why wouldn’t you be.
I’m also always interested in the descriptions reporters use for towns hit by tornadoes.
Ours didn’t do this last night but the “it’s a War Zone” description is common. It’s usually used by a 20-something who not only has never seen tornado destruction…they’ve never been close to a war-zone. To be fair sometimes tornadoes DO make a town look like a War Zone. Look at Alabama. Homes were reduced to NOTHING and hundreds of people were dead. Fair comparison. Thankfully Lenox didn’t see anything close to the damage Alabama saw.
We say it here often…words matter. It’s hard to hold your emotions in check when you see that kind of power on display, when homeowners emotions are so charged up.
Lenox will be cleaning up for a while and they won’t soon forget riding out that storm, but thankfully, no one was hurt. I think we know that’s almost never the case in a War Zone.

Part of you has to feel bad for anyone who has to drink so early in the morning. Their life can’t be going well. They’re on a destructive path that can’t lead anywhere good.
If the accusations against a Fairfield Golf Coach are true, she put the lives of a lot of young people, not to mention other drivers, at risk. State Patrol alleges she was driving with almost three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system. I can’t imagine an explanation for why…except that she was drunk. What a lesson for the kids inside that van. I hope they remember how close they were to getting hurt because of someone else’s poor choices.

Job Killing You?
A Study featured in Newspapers across the world says if you like the people you work with…if you’re friends with them…you’ll live longer.
So here’s the questions I want some of you to answer…given those findings, is YOUR job going to kill you…or is it going to help you live longer? Be honest…and Comment away! I imagine a few of you will have some funny things to say.

I hope you have a great day…


  • Erin

    Ok, I'll be the first.
    I've stayed at many not-so-fun jobs beacause I love the people I work with. I think when you spend the majority of your waking hours with a group of people, you had better like them.
    Right now, I don't love my job, the details part of it. But I believe in my company and the services it provides. I love the people that I work with and for so much that we are friends outside of work. And that makes the work I do valuable.

  • circawdm

    I have been self- employed 38+ years. I like my job usually. I like myself usually. What will kill me earlier won't have to do with my work, which I guess is fortunate. I don't know how or where I would have a living over all those years without it.

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