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Overnight, Medicare and Lift-off

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Good Morning!
Monday morning meant another late Sunday watching the Bulls win! They looked good but I won’t count Miami out until The Bulls have four wins.

To The News:

So we had a stabbing and attempted carjacking overnight. It brought in interesting conversation up in the newsroom. Our Producers are the ones tasked with calling one of our photojournalists to come in and shoot video of that stuff. There isn’t anyone sitting around waiting for stuff like that to happen. So it’s safe to say our Producer’s phone # is not the one you want to see pop up on the cell phone at 2am. She hates doing it about as much as our photojournalists hate to get out of a warm bed and go get crime scene video.

So we had this event in downtown Des Moines this weekend. Sen Harkin and Congressman Boswell talked about the proposed changes to Medicare. As we’ve discussed here before, apparently Sen Harkin’s office reads this blog…so I have a question…this is legitimate…I’m not being snarky here.
Sen Harkin said on our air,

“you get people back to work and paying in Medicare won’t have those problems
any longer so that’s why I say the most important single thing we can do now is
get people back to work. That will save Medicare.”

My question is, how many jobs? How many people have to work to “save” Medicare.
A quick search shows me Medicare will run out of money to cover all of it’s obligations in a little more than 20 years. The problem is more people retiring and using that system than there are working right now to fund the system.
I’m sure Sen Harkin has had thoughts about this, and if the solution is, put people back to work…how many?
I don’t like math all that much but I think the answer would be so large that it would be impossible to achieve. So then what?
See, putting people back to work sounds like a good idea…and it is for sure…that would help A LOT of things in this country…including this problem…
But helping it and actually solving it long term are two different things.

We an opportunity to reform this system that may not come along again. This safety net should be there for the least among us, and I know the Sen agrees with that. So why such a simplistic solution? Jobs will not “save” Medicare. I am sure the Sen Knows it’s A LOT more complicated than that.
The sooner we start telling people that this will be hard, will take sacrifice, and will likely mean less in benefits for people who are under the age of 45 or so…the sooner we can fix the system.

Arrest warrants
So The International Criminal Tribunal issued arrest warrants for MommarGadahfi
Which Seal Team is really to go get this guy?

Lift off
So we’re in countdown to the Space Shuttle Endeavour lifting off for the last time.
I could listen to NASA TV all day on a launch day. I think it’s fascinating how much goes into getting these guys safely into Space. Launch is in about 37 minutes.

A quiet weekend in our house. We caught up on some sleep thanks to black-out shades in the Boy’s room. We finally put them up and they slept till 7:30am Saturday! I hope that starts a trend.
Have a good one


  • Vic

    Senator Harkin is part of the problem. There are 99 more doing the same…worring about re-election and not getting the voters upset with them. He has done the same on immigration. I have written him 3 times and his staff responds with a canned message that totally avoids the question. Oh well, government in action.

  • slave

    Lots and Lots of jobs, Pat. As a newly unemployed person due to Corporations going to Juarez…I agree with Harkin. If we all had a job that paid a living wage, a lot of this country's problems would be cured. It doesn't take rocket science ..
    and P.S. if I were fortnate enough to find a job that pays over $250,000 I can assure you I wouldn't whine about paying in more to help the less fortunate.

  • Anthill_Goddess

    Considering the average number of children a family has has dropped steadily over the decades (I believe we're under 2 now for an average), it's simply mathematically impossible for the current workforce to support the money needed to sustain medicare in it's current form. I understand that those who are of age right now are worried about losing benefits (drives me nuts, but I understand it) but for those of us who are under 45 or so…I think a great majority of us have known for quite some time that we'll not be able to have those types of benefits. But we've got to make changes now to get the problem solved or the whole thing will go down the drain.

    As @slave said, if we all had jobs at a living wage a good majority of the financial woes would be solved. However, if we all were guaranteed a job at a livable wage, we wouldn't be living in the United States and the “great experiment” would be over…down in history as a failure.

    If we all stopped snitting at eachother and started working together, we *MIGHT* be able to find a solution.

    Just my humble opinion.

  • circawdm

    “So The International Criminal Tribunal issued arrest warrants for MommarGadahfi
    Which Seal Team is really to go get this guy?”

    Whichever team is asked to go, if it gets down to that. I am sure there would be volunteers to be on that team.

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