Trump is Out for Lincoln Day Dinner

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Trump Dump: So much for the Donald’s “the Decision”. And so much for the Republican Party of Iowa’s Lincoln Days Dinner in downtown Des Moines. Trump has now backed out of the dinner, alerting the party just today. Monday, the party thought Trump would say Tuesday whether he was still coming. That turned into Wednesday. Still nothing. Trump’s spokesman told Channel 13 Wednesday, the decision would come next Monday. As is the case dealing with Trump so far this year, pinning down actual decisions proves difficult, as I learned when I tried to book him for WHO radio last month. The party said Trump’s staff called today to say he would no longer come to the dinner. So now what?

The party’s spokesman tells me it’s just too late in the game to now try to find another speaker for the June 10th event. He declined to say how many tickets were sold. But earlier Chairman Matt Strawn said the event would be bigger than ever before.
The decision no doubt costs the party a good chunk of change. But I doubt some Republicans will mind. Not everyone was too pleased with Trump’s behavior as he supposedly considered a presidential run, from the birther claims to the f-bomb-filled speech in Vegas. Not exactly what Iowans are used to seeing and hearing from presidential candidates. Iowans will just have to settle for Trump on his tv show.
Here’s the response from the party on the cancelation (It doesn’t sound like Mr. Trump will soon be getting another invite from Iowa, what do you think?):

Earlier today the Iowa GOP was informed that Mr. Trump will not attend and keynote the June 10 Lincoln Dinner. Citing Mr. Trump’s unique appeal and the close proximity to the event, the Iowa GOP has decided to cancel the 2011 Lincoln Dinner.

Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn issued the comment below following Mr. Trump’s decision to cancel his appearance at the Lincoln Dinner.

“In Iowa, your word is your bond. We are disappointed that Mr. Trump has chosen not to honor his commitment to Iowa Republicans.”