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College Football Predictions, ‘Open’ Ratings Tumble, Right on Red

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I was going through all the highlights of Iowa’s 2010 football season, Wednesday afternoon. The Hawks led, or were tied for the lead, in all 13 games, with under 5 minutes to play. Sometimes I forget how close the Hawkeyes were to being great, last season.

These two Hawk fans have yet to leave
TCF Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis. 

Phil Steele was on the Murph n Andy show, and he gave his predictions for the 2011 season. you can listen to him here: http://www.kxno.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?more_page=&podcast=murphnandy&selected_podcast=6-22-11%25202PM.mp3 He thinks the Hawks will surprise some people, and finish 9-3.

The news isn’t as good for the Cyclones. Steele doesn’t think the Rhoads crew will be able to match last year’s win total, of 5. He did, however, say that he’s underestimated the Cyclones in each of Rhoads’ first two seasons as head coach. I’m not sure what to think, from either team. The main reasons are the big question marks under center.

Believe it, or not, The Chicken talks
while he performs. Just wrong.

This is my fifth summer, in Des Moines, and I’ve now seen the “Famous Chicken” five times — too many. The Chicken makes the Globetrotters’ act look as fresh as sweet corn in July. The worst part is, the dude inside the mascot, talks! And to make matters worse, when he talks, he spreads his beak apart, and you can see his face. The Chicken continues to frighten generation, after generation, of kids…including me.

This weather sucks.

Diante Garrett hopes to hear his name called in Thursday’s NBA Draft. The former Cyclone point guard is projected to go somewhere in the middle-to-late second round. It would be one of the all-time upsets, if Garrett gets picked. This was a guy that was highly criticised through his first three years at ISU. Many didn’t even think he was a Big 12 quality guard. He certainly proved his doubters wrong. Credit Fred Hoiberg for that.

As expected, the ratings for the final round of the U.S. Open were abysmal (26% lower than the 2010 Open). I found it interesting that Murph and Andy (two non-golf fans) said they were more enthralled with Rory’s runaway, than most other years. For huge golf fans, like myself, it was the most uneventful final round in the 20 years I’ve been watching. That being said, it’s nothing but great for the game of golf, in the long run. Rory McIlroy now has more star-power than any other golfer, not named ‘Tiger’.

Andy made a great point that I completely agree with, on SoundOFF. No matter what Rory does, he will never be an American. That’s the one, and only, problem I have with him. I really like the guy. He’s engaging, and fun to watch…but he’s not one of ours. Come on Tiger, we need you.

Red-light cameras don’t prohibit you
from turning right on red.

I saw it happen, in Davenport, and it’s happening in Des Moines. Motorists are scared to death of the red-light cameras. Now, even if it’s an intersection where you’re allowed to turn right on red, some people are too scared to risk it. I’ve decided that every minute of my life that’s wasted is worth $1 … therefore, I’ll be billing the city, every week, for all the time I lose thanks to these ridiculous cameras.

Andy is now on Twitter. You can try to follow him @AndyFales … but I think he has it set up in a way that blocks anyone from following him.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Keith, his mother, and the entire Murphy family, this week. As Keith mentioned in Tuesday’s blog, he’s going to be in Florida for the next 10 days, as his Mom battles cancer for a second time. Keith cares more about his job that anyone I’ve ever worked with, but it doesn’t even approach the love he has for his family. I’m sure he got it from his parents.

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