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Everything Bars (Beaverdale Confection Co.)

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3 cups   Marshmallows, cut small
1 cup           Caramels, cut small
1 cup    Toffee, in pieces
1 cup           Fudge, small pieces
1 cup           Pecans or other nuts
2 cups  Rice Crispies
About 1.5 lb Chocolate, melted. If using our Chocolate, it must be tempered

Mix the first 6 ingredients in a large bowl, by hand (great for kids. If you
have gloves, this keeps the hands clean).

After the chocolate is melted, slowly pour over the mixed up ingredients.
Mix again, by hand until the ingredients are completely covered by

Transfer to a 9 x 13 pan or similar. No need to grease the pan, just press
it in to the pan and stick it in the fridge. Now lick your fingers! After
about an hour or more, the candy should have set up enough to score and cut
into squares.

This is a very easy recipe to adapt to the things you have in your fridge
and cupboard- have fun experimenting.

For more information on Beaverdale Confections Co., visit their website here.

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