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Keeler Out, Goodbye Norm, Finding Rory

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  • I really feel for the many talented people at the Des Moines Register who lost their jobs Tuesday. There’s just nothing good about it for anyone.
  • It’s a gut-punch to hear talented sports columnist Sean Keeler is out. Sean’s perspective is one of the main reasons I subscribe to the Register and read it daily. I often agreed with Sean’s takes, but appreciated him even more when I didn’t. A good writer challenges and deepens our thoughts. I can’t remember the last time I was at a big sporting event and didn’t see Keeler there. He worked hard, and kept improving.
  • On our radio show, we quickly heard from Cyclone fans who thought Sean was too hard on ISU, and Hawkeye fans who didn’t think Sean was fair to Iowa. In other words, he wasn’t a cheerleader. We don’t need that from a columnist; we can get that 47 places on-line. Increasingly, regardless of media, we know the news instantly—who won, who lost—what we need is context, perspective, opinion.
  • Last month, we had a really silly idea for a SoundOFF video: The never-before-seen Hollywood trailer for the 1927 version of The Hangover. Chris Hassel called Sean Keeler and asked him to play the part of Zach Galifianakis. Sean came right over, strapped his baby in as required, and stole the show.
  • I’m told I need to watch The Company Men. Sounds like the perfect week.

  • Comedy Central just cancelled the Norm Macdonald Sports Show. What?! It was irreverent and funny, and had a loyal niche audience. It  couldn’t cost much to make. I guess sports comedy just won’t work. The Onion SportsDome parody already got the ax.

  • The Voice has found a solid group of finalists. The show is entertaining, even when Christina is babbling, or threatening to spill out of her blouse. Javier Colon sang one of my favorite concert songs, the Coldplay tearjerker/anthem Fix You. He did okay too.
  • Rory McIlroy made the cover of  Sports Illustrated, though you have to look close to see him.

  • I’ll be gone for a while. My mother is having another fight with cancer. As usual, she’s more worried about everyone else. Mom’s the most unselfish person I’ve ever known. I wish I could do more.

  • Please be kind to Chris, Zach, and Andy… they’re covering for me.

Thanks, and be well.


  • Anonymous

    Thinking of you and your Mom, Keith. Know we'll miss you, but respect and appreciate that you know what's important.

    You'll be in our prayers.


  • Anonymous

    First off, good luck to you and your family. We've all lost someone close to us and I'm no exception with my cousin passing away a couple months ago.

    You're right about Keeler; we need people to bring perspective even if we don't want to hear it. We have plenty of 'super fans' but we need those kinds of people to remind us sports aren't as big as the society that's playing/watching them.

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