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Pulling out, Lay-offs and Customer Service!

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Good Morning…
Brooke walking back through the door this morning is a real relief. We’re short handed in the newsroom this week so everyone is working extra hours and picking up extra duties. We’re glad to have the team together again.

The News
Pulling Out
The President announces his plans for a troop draw down in Afghanistan tonight. Polling numbers just released would make it look like a majority of the American people want all the troops to come home sooner rather than later. I think this is where polling falls short sometimes.
Of course we all want our service men and women home. Of course we want that to happen sooner rather than later…but it’s not that simple. It may be in our best long term interests to keep a troop presence in Afghanistan until that country stabilizes. That scenario might open up industries in Afghanistan that allow American companies to expand and thrive. It may open export markets for farmers or Agribusiness companies.
The alternative is to leave Afghanistan and hope for the best. We did that once,, and it allowed a power vacuum that created the Taliban and a haven for terrorists.
I would bet if you had taken a poll in 1988 and asked: If you could spend 5 billion dollars to help Afghanistan progress toward a Democracy and make sure 3,000 Americans aren’t murdered by terrorists, would that be worth it? I bet the answer would be yes…

I’ll let others comment about the merits of lay-offs at The Des Moines Register. My focus is on the Boss. The guy at the head of the company made 9 million dollars last year and nearly two million in a bonus FOR FIRING PEOPLE!
That’s not leadership. A leader would have shaved a million off his own salary and then taken the two million dollar bonus and put it into added severance or continued jobs for a few dozen people.
That’s shameful.

Customer Service
Got a tweet yesterday from Gateway Market. Those of you who read this on a regular basis know we’re in there frequently to take advantage of the kids eating for free. The problem for our guys is finding a highchair. They’ve got three of them. Well here’s a lesson in how social media can work. I tweeted the company to tell them they should buy more and sure enough…they said they’d ordered more. They should be here in a few weeks.
The lesson? If a company has taken the time to be on twitter, you can reasonably assume someone will be looking at the tweets. Go ahead and request what you want or need and give the business a chance to respond.

Have a good day

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