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Bachmann, Palin and Playin’

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Good Morning!
Jeriann says this morning be the best days of the week. None of it looks bad but the humidity is coming back later in the week so today will be a lot more comfortable. Enjoy

Rep Michelle Bachmann announced her candidacy yesterday in Waterloo. Kudos to Dave Price for a well done one-on-one interview with the newly minted candidate. She had a few well documented gaffs…that’s bad staff work if you ask me…
Seriously, if you’re going to run for President and you’re going to make your first speech about being from Iowa, I might bone up on my Iowa trivia.

So is she going to run or not? I’d like an answer so we can either talk about her like a candidate or stop talking about her all together. I can’t imagine the former Alaska Governor is going to let on about her plans for the future and that leads me to believe she’s sitting this one out.
I will be interested in the Documentary. Any way you slice it, it’s an interesting story.

I’ll be using this beautiful day to go play 18 holes of golf at Waveland. I hope you do something you love.

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