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July?!?!? … Jury … Just precious

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Hello and Happy Wednesday, gang!
I hope you all had a great weekend and a wonderful 4th of July…this week seems to be getting away from me rather quickly!

I know this will make me sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe it’s July at all!!! The other day when I was leaving the gym I was struck by the smell. It smells like summer. That smell makes me think of being a kid, when it seemed like summer stretched on forever and there was nothing to do but go swimming and play softball. Sigh.

I had to work on the holiday, but had a wonderful weekend nonetheless. My son David (on the left) and his little brother Nathan were in town for the 80/35 Music Festival and they stayed with us. I think the boys had a blast. They’re both musicians. In fact, they’re in a band together! Nate plays guitar and David plays the drums and sings.

Do I look like a shrimp standing between these two, or what?!?! Sometimes I’m still flabbergasted by how grownup they are. I am also flabbergasted by how much guys this age eat. Luckily, since Michael is the youngest of four boys he was prepared for cooking huge meals. A vat of pasta, pounds of chicken and hamburger, frozen pizzas, lots of bread, a couple dozen eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon and a gallon of milk got us through two days. Ah, to be twenty again and have that metabolism.

I’m posting a picture of the Polk County Courthouse because it’s where I spent most of my time last week. I was summoned for jury duty in May and got a deferment because it was a ratings period. Last month, there was no getting around it and I was stunned when I was chosen to serve. I have to admit I wasn’t happy about it, but it ended up being a pretty interesting experience. We started out as a group of seven women and one man, but on day two the man wasn’t there because his mom had been hospitalized. Everyone kept telling us they’d never had an all female jury before. Joanie, Susan, Julie, Kathy, Jenny, Charisse and I had some spirited moments during our deliberations but I think we all walked away feeling pretty good about the process.

This is one result of jury duty – a huge blood blister on my big toe! Since my whole schedule was thrown out of whack and I wasn’t able to work out, I decided to at least run up the stairs every day. It seemed like a good idea until I tripped, stubbed my toe and nearly did a face plant in front of dozens of people. Ouch! Note to self – don’t run stairs in flip flops.

Just precious

Finally, the baby boom continues here at Channel 13. Welcome Cole Allen Winters! Finally, we can’t quit calling him “Baby W” … isn’t he sweet? Cole entered the world just after 5pm last Friday. Congratulations Dan and Shannon!

I hitting “publish post” before this entry is put off for yet another day… enjoy the rest of your week!


  • Anthill_Goddess

    First…ouch @ that toe! Been there a time or two because I simply despise shoes!
    Second…I just noticed your initials spell “Eek!” ((My weirdness coming out…some day I'll tell you my mom's initials…they're even funnier!))
    Third…there is NO way you're old enough to have a son (or two) that age!!! Just saying (and not to brown-nose) that I didn't think you were any younger than I was and my *oldest* would be 15 now :) :)
    Sorry about jury duty…I never got called to serve :( but would have loved to! (Totally different county) and Summer is really moving this year, for some reason. I checked our local school's website to find out when registration was going to be….it's now less than a month away! **Sighs** But my 12 year-old sighs even bigger…she can see the end of summer vacation just down the road!

    Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

  • gymrat

    Wow, I didn't know you had a son, least of all that age! Learned something new today about my favorite news anchor! Have a great weekend!

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