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OK Lets Try Again…

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Good Morning.
I wrote a blog yesterday and even posted it…but there was no text in the blog. Not sure what happened and I’m not sure I can reconstruct What I wrote so I won’t try.
Except to say this: It was my sister’s birthday yesterday so I wished her a Happy Birthday on the Blog. Here’s a Happy Birthday a day late Katie!

Besides, there’s a lot to talk about today.

-The story people are talking about, of course, is the Anthony verdict.
I have two thoughts about this. I agree with most people….Casey Anthony knew something…what she knew? Who knows. What she did? Who knows.
I don’t know a parent who would wait 30 days to report their daughter missing. Yesterday I said to Sally…”I’m not sure it would take me ten minutes to get the police over to our house looking for our kids”. Her response was, “It better not take you ten minutes”.
The part that makes this verdict understandable is the lack of evidence. There was no cause of death, there was no motive established. If you’re looking for something to be upset over , it may be the prosecution and investigation of this case. At some point Casey Anthony is going to have to answer the question…why didn’t you report your child missing? I can’t see any answer that makes any sense of this.

-Facebook rolls out it’s latest feature today. It’s expected to be a video chat feature. One can only assume this will allow people to spend even more time on the most visited most used site on the Internet. I’d love to see something better on iPhone.

-Also overheard yesterday:
A story on Illinois’ new Civil Union Law talked about a lawsuit filed by Catholic Charities in three Diocese in Illinois. Catholic Charities in those areas help with adoption services and take taxpayer money to provide that service. They are required to follow state law and recognize those Civil Unions now…and the Church, obviously, doesn’t want to.
The Church shouldn’t be forced to do anything by the state…but at the same time, adoption services is not a core function of the Church either. If they want to get out of the adoption business…they should. The really stupid part of this is that Catholic Charities admitted that they didn’t ask about sexual orientation in the past so if a “single” person adopted…they might be gay and the Church just feigned ignorance.
Bottom line, a good home is a good home. If kind people are willing to give a child a stable place to live and grow, why does society care if the couple that child is staying with is gay?

-I’m rediscovering my iPhone. I think my wife would tell you I never left it but there are some Apps I’ve underused. My Banking app in particular was holding me up. I got it reset and we’re back in business paying the bills.
The Starbucks app is pretty cool. Just wave it in front of the scanner and you can pay for your coffee with your phone. The thing also has a scanner on it.
Every once in a while I use an app called Lose it. It helps you track what you eat and how much you exercise…I need reminders from time to time about the calorie count I’m putting into my body. I’d have better results at the gym if I paid attention.
The one I can’t believe is that United Airlines doesn’t have an app for it’s Mileage plus members.

Hope this one posts!
Have a good day

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