Storms, Outflanked and Inflighting

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Good Morning,
Hard to say if I’ve ever seen Jeriann as hectic as she was this morning.
When I stepped out the door it was storming. Wipers on full all the way to the office, it was a full on downpour, but at least we didn’t have the winds they had to the north of us.
Turns out, just as the strongest winds were blowing through we took a power hit at the station the blew out Jeriann’s computers…including radar. We came to find out later that the wind had actually KNOCKED OVER our radar. If you’ve ever met Jeriann you know she is pretty passionate about her job. No one was more upset about at her fingertips but this on was out of her control. I

Hard not to feel like the President outflanked the Republicans on this debt debate.
A Few months ago if you’d asked most people they’d tell you Democrats believe in bigger Government and Republicans are for less spending…
The President is not the one calling for a bigger debt reduction and spending cuts while Republicans are using the phrase “reasonable cuts” over and over…what the heck happened?
Now democrats look like the bigger deficit hawks and it looks like what Republicans really want is an issue for the 2012 elections. Why not pass this package and take the credit…congratulate the President for finally seeing the light? Does anyone really think that the American people are going to balk at closing the tax loophole on corporate jets and call it a tax increase?

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlentey is criticizing his fellow Minnesotan saying Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s record of accomplishment in Congress is “non-existent”.
Bachmann said in a statement she’s looking forward to talking about her record.
So If I’m a reporter at Michelle Bachmann’s afternoon event in Indianola my first question is: What accomplishment in your Congressional career are you most proud of?

I’d like to see a change in Men’s Public restrooms. As a Dad that’s coming to the end of his diaper changing days, I’ve noticed there are very few Men’s bathroom’s with Changing tables. I can honestly say I’d rather have the option. As it is, I look bad cause I can never change a diaper…not because I’m lazy…but because someone else made the decision for me.

I hope you had a good weekend!