Debt Debate (on the Set), South California? and MOTHER!!!

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Good Morning!
We’ve been up overnight with the boys again lately…and when I say “the boys” I mean JT.
This kid is going to be a night owl. He doesn’t seem to mind being up in the middle of the night. Lately the issue has been his blanket. He can’t seem to work out how to pull it up over himself so he stays warm. So when he rolls over and the blanket falls off…we usually hear about it on the monitor.
The variations on his request for blanket service have been interesting. Usually it’s “Mommy” or “Daddy”…The other night he put special emphasis on his request by yelling… “Mother!!!!”
Both boys have also taken to calling us by our first names…”Sally, make sure you get the diaper bag.” and “Pat, come downstairs.” We’re working on how we address adults.

The News:
Debt Debate (On Set)
So as the President and Republican leadership meet at the White House again today to talk about the debt ceiling we talked about our personal solutions to the “Debt Crisis”. I won’t say who said what but one member of the Morning crew said they’d like to take what we spend on welfare and hand it out…a year’s worth of funding…split it among the American people and then say…”That’s it”. Another suggestion was to make everyone pay their taxes by actually writing out a check every week when they get paid. This way, the theory goes…we’d all be a little more in touch with what we actually pay in taxes.
I found an interesting article that talked about the Bush Era tax cuts as they’re being referred to. When we enacted those cuts…the government was bringing in more than it was spending as a percentage of the GDP. Today, that formula is the other way around. Washington is spending significantly more than it takes in. The article said that is the argument for allowing at least some of those tax cuts to expire as they’re set to do in 2012.
Of course none of these solutions would work on their own or even in combination because we don’t live in fantasyland. i think, for me, the point was that it’s going to be a combination of things what will get the Federal deficit down and spending under control. Washington can surely be a better steward of our money. We can certainly cut back. Certainly, there are rules that can be tightened up to increase revenue as it was intended to come in.
I think anyone who believes that sticking to their guns will win them this debate is misjudging reality. I think a lot of Americans would be please with an approach that forces everyone to have a little skin in the game.

South California?
Yep, that’s right…A County Supervisor from one of the inland counties of Southern California pitched the idea an the LA Times ran with it this week. the idea is that the Cities of LA and San Francisco disproportionately represent the State. There are “other” (Republican) views in California…they just get drowned out by the larger cities of LA and San Francisco.
The Governor called it a political Stunt…it’s not a new idea…more than 220 groups have tried some form of a California split since the late 1800’s.
So lets try his for Iowa.
There are a lot of people in this state who think Des Moines has too much control over politics and decision making. So how would you split the state up? Where would you draw new Iowa borders? What would you call the new mini-states?
Split us up into as may pieces as you like.

Lets leave it at that.
Have a good one


  • Anthill_Goddess

    Sorry about the blanket issues with JT…it's a common one in our house, too! However, my son is almost 4 now! Our issue with him is way more complicated (and yucky) than a missing blanket in the night. If you know how to keep an almost 4 year old from using his potty-training skills as a punishment to his parents when he doesn't get what he wants…let me know. I'm open to any advice at this point…I'm pretty sure we've tried everything, though!

    As far as the debt crisis goes…I'm getting tired of hearing that if there's no increase in the ceiling that it will *cause* a default. No, it won't. It will just mean that the President has to choose to pay back our debt intstead of spending in other areas. The only way we “default” is if he chooses to spend the money that is there in other places. Default CAN be avoided. It's not like a household where you have to decide to buy groceries and pay the light bill or make the car payment. The ideas you guys floated around gave me a good chuckle and something to think about, at least!

    I do get frustrated with the “big cities” in Iowa (because of the large population) having more pull than the rural parts of the state…but the problem is not the cities. Our system is a democratic republic and each elegible person has the right (and I say duty) to vote for the candidate who best fits their ideals, thoughts, and (for some) morals. I don't think we need to redraw Iowa (or any other state) but we DO need to get a much greater portion of the population out to VOTE! Large cities have an advantage that their polling places are usually fairly close and someone (or multiple someones) can go door-to-door easily. Rural Iowa isn't so easy. I, personally, have to drive 14 miles to my polling place. I am NEVER visited at my door by a volunteer from a campaign (I'm not really complaining about that! LOL) and yard signs are useless out here. If a greater majority of the rural population would vote we would not be “out-voted” by the population concentration in the cities.

    Sorry for being long-winded today! Have a great day!!

  • C-Marshalltown

    Wow, what I day I had yesterday. I live in M'town and we were hit pretty hard. Still don't have power today. Everyone is coming together to help with clean-up efforts and hopefully businesses will be open today. Glad everyone is safe.

  • C-Marshalltown

    It's Wednesday, July 13 and we still have no power. The electric people are out sun up to sun down working, bless their hearts. I really appreciate all their hard work but will be even more appreciative when the power comes back on. Parts of the town are back but we missed taco Tuesday last night because Taco Johns is still out. lol Keep your fingers crossed for us – todays the day. (I hope)

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