Heat Wave, Pie-sassin, and Weekend in Review

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Good afternoon,
Catching up a little from a busy Monday and Tuesday.
Heat Wave
When walking outside feels like walking into a wet blanket you know it’s hot and humid. We were talking about what we all did before we became sissies and ran from our air conditioned home to our air conditioned car as if the seasons were revered and it was 27 below zero.
We didn’t have AC when I was growing up. just an old house and parents who didn’t have a bazillions dollars to install the AC. I remember taking really cold showers and putting my window fan on high to get to sleep, then waking up 5lbs lighter from the pool of sweat I’d slept in all night.
We all deserve a swift slap in the face from those hearty souls who used to just suck it up and deal with the heat.
Christie Vilsack is a candidate for Congress. That’s no surprise. We knew it was coming.
I talked to someone about this race over the weekend and one of the things he pointed out what that the incumbent Steve King has made a bit of a strategic error. This guy made the observation that King didn’t raise a lot of money over the last few years when he didn’t have much of a challenge. He could have had a war chest that would have made him an even more formidable candidate. Now Candidate Vilsack 400k in the bank and my bet is she’ll have A LOT of support from the Democratic National Committee.
So some idiot decided to throw a pie in Rupert Murdoch’s face while he was testifying in front of Parliamentary Committee. Congratulations on making the most loathed man in the British Empire… a victim.
From the Back Seat
JT: I’ll have a decaf, non-fat, no-whip, Mocha.
Great…someone add Starbucks gift cards to that kid’s Christmas list.
Weekend Review
Saturday morning, Mother Nature held off the really bad heat and humidity long enough for me to have a really nice early morning round of golf. I almost had my second hole-in-one. 189 yards and a six iron. The ball hopped once and stopped about six inches to the right of the hole. Six inches to the left and it would have bounced in. Yes I made the birdie.
We had a great night Saturday in Celebration of my birth long ago. There’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as a night out with friends having good food and laughing A LOT. that said, Mrs Dix and I can’t keep up like we used to. Our dinner companions went out after we were done. That said, I made it up with the boys the next morning at 6AM. We watched the British Open and had some coffee. No headache…
Thanks to all of you who sent along birthday wishes here or on another form of social media. I feel well remembered.
Hope you have a good one

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  • Anthill_Goddess

    Laughing almost all the way through the post today!

    But, isn't a “decaf, non-fat, no-whip Mocha” just a cup of decaf with some chocolate syrup? To be honest, my kids (12 and almost 4) love coffee of every sort and I *do* let them have some every now and again! However, I take it and add a ton of milk to it because I drink the fully-leaded stuff!

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday weekend!

    Stay cool! (I remember growing up without air, too!)

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