WEEKLY WORKOUT: This YMCA class is no stroll in the park but is tailor-made for new parents

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This week's workout is specifically designed for new parents. There's no gym, no equipment and no daycare required!

"It's great because they can bring the babies along with them," explains personal trainer Cathy Bormann, "the class is call Strolling and Toning. It's a class to help moms get back into shape."

You've probably heard of this type of group fitness class. "It's just a stroller and baby!" Cathy says with a laugh. She makes it sound simple, but this is no walk in the park -- even though the class takes place in a Park.

Strollers turn into obstacle courses and resistance bands get biceps burning. What Cathy has the group doing is basically High Intensity Interval Training -- or HIT. "We do resistance, then cardio, then stroll and we keep repeating that for an hour," she explains. HIIT is one of the best workouts for whipping post-baby bodies back into shape.

"I've always enjoyed lifting weights and it's harder to find time," says Brigit Peterson, "each time you have a kid, there's less time to get to the gym!" Eight month old Regina is Brigit's THIRD child. Most of the moms here say during this hour they enjoy fitness and friendship. "We have a lot of similar things to talk about," explains Brigit, "I also like that everyone has a kid - it kind of puts us on the same level and we're not super fit like we used to be."

We think these ladies look as fit as anyone we know! During one part of the routine they're jumping up and down stairs for cardio and doing a full body squat-press for resistance. It is a brutal circuit but Cathy says it can be modified for any level. "We can definitely take it back a step or pick up for those that need extra challenge."

The class also keeps people accountable. "It's a little bit just to get yourself back in the swing, back in the routine," says Cathy, "once you feel good and start hitting it hard, it all starts happening." However, in the midst of jumping jacks and pushups life also keeps happening. There are tears and noses to be wiped and diapers to change -- but everyone here understands.

If you're interested in the "Strolling & Toning" class -- call the Walnut Creek YMCA at 224-1888 or visit the front desk!

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