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ASI… To tweet or not to tweet … Drug store beauty

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Hello and Happy Monday, gang! I don’t have a lot of exciting news to report from the weekend except that Michael and I had some fun together, the bathroom is scrubbed and the laundry is clean and put away – in my book that means life is good.


Did any of you do RAGBRAI or any portion of it? It’s something I’ve always thought about doing but when the time actually rolls around I just can’t get excited about riding that many miles a day and camping every night. Call me wimpy. Want to feel even wimpier? Meet the Adaptive Sports Iowa team.

If you missed our report on this great group, you can watch it on our website. Just go to the WHO-TV homepage, then click “13 Cares”.

To tweet or not to tweet

Do you do it? I know many people who said they never would, who are.

I don’t know …

Drug store beauty

People always seem to be shocked when they ask me where I got clothing, lipstick or shoes and my answer is “Target” or “Wal-Mart” or “JC Penney”. I am a thrifty gal and darn proud of it! So, here are some of my favorite inexpensive beauty finds…

If you spent years baking in the sun (and yes – tanning beds) like I did and you’re starting to see the results on your skin you may be trying to find a decent self-tanner. I’ve had lots of luck with this one and many “Gosh, you look tan!” comments from friends. One word of advice – exfoliate first.

I love, love, LOVE this lip balm. It is amazingly high quality considering it’s low price. Sonya and I agree it rivals some MAC products we’ve used.

If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, Iowa humidity is a killer. I constantly fight frizz, even after using expensive shampoo, conditioner and styling products meant to tame it. This stuff is a life-saver during this time of year and it won’t break the bank. It may not be quite as good as Aveda – but close enough.

This nail polish is AMAZING!!! I’ve used this product to do my own mani and pedi and it lasts for weeks. I can’t believe I’ve found a polish I like as much as OPI – and at Wal-Mart, no less! Speaking of which, my nails look horrific right now. Yikes.

I rarely use waterproof mascara but I bought this tube specifically for “Workout of the Week” shoots. It’s great… goes on without clumps and comes off fairly easy.

It goes without saying that we wear a TON of makeup in this business. Trust me when I say a good remover is just as important. I’ve used this one for years and I’ve tried many others… this is my fav.

And once I swipe off all that gunk, I get clean with these. I’ve had problem skin my entire life and I feel like these cleansing cloths help prevent some breakouts.

Enough about this silliness … I’m starving!!!

Have a wonderful week,



  • gymrat

    Yeah, I'm on Twitter. I was late to the party but I really do like it. I see Sonya is on there and I follow her but she doesn't post much. I keep hoping you'll join up.

  • Lisa


    Mucho thanks for the beauty tips, I appreciate them!! You always look so great, it’s good to know that you are like the rest of us, always looking for a bargain, and using “regular” products.
    Soo glad to see how well your dad is doing – it is amazing how our priorities as we “mature”, isn't it?

    Thanks for the posts, you're awesome!!

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