The Deal, The Movies, The Blow-out

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Quick blog
The Deal
So Congress and the President got it done. We think.
At the writing of this blog there’s been no vote on the Debt limit deal. SO who knows.
A Couple of things…this deal doesn’t actually cut spending or the deficit. It cuts the projected deficit. There’s still a lot of work to do to get the Federal budget closer to what you and I deal with at home…balance.

I listen to some of the Presidential candidates and I wonder…Are they not aware of what the Debt Ceiling is, or are they just playing on voters ignorance of the debt ceiling to score a few Caucus votes?
Not raising the ceiling is like going on a spending spree Saturday night…running up your credit card and then calling the Credit Card Company and telling them you don’t feel like paying the interest. This is money Congress already spent.
Should Congress spend less? Sure. That’s a separate debate.
In this context the debt ceiling ihas surely been a way to apply leverage to those in Congress who want to continue t spend more than we take in…
It is not, however, a blank check for the President.
This debt limit increase has already been spent.

I heard someone say…it takes five miles to stop an Aircraft Carrier. That’s a great analogy for Congressional spending. This is a step in the right direction for people who believe we should spend as much or less than we take in.

The Movies
We saw the last Harry Potter movie Saturday night. it was one of the best of the eight. I thought it was visually stunning. Great effects. I wouldn’t have known what I was watching without two people who’d actually read the books.

The Blow Out
I was driving on Highway 141 Saturday morning on my way to golf and hear a loud pop. it sounded like I’d run something over on the highway. My tire was flat so I made it to the Douglas exit and pulled over. It may surprise some of you that I proceeded to actually change the tire at that point. I haven’t done it for a while and as I’ve written here before; I am not the handiest guy in the world. I did it though and managed to keep the tire on till I got it to a tire shop for a replacement. Discussed with with a few friends/family over the weekend. How many of you would know how to change a flat? Can we add this to the list of “lost arts”?
Hope you have a good day!


  • Curt Brown

    My wife, son, and a few family members were driving to Minnesota this weekend and the rear passenger tire blew out while they were on the interstate. Everything was fine thank goodness.
    Probably a good thing I wasn't with them, because my son would've heard words he never had before. Bad bad words.

  • circawdm

    (Retry with proper English): I got FREE Ford “road assist” with my car and I also (in case Ford's subcontracted people are busy) pay $40. a year for AARP's Road & Tow Plan which will tow me, fix a flat, bring gas, or whatever I need. Since I am older & have health problems, it is worth the peace of mind, even if I don't travel far. You just never know. And I really wouldn't want to be stuck in heat like we've been having in a car that was sitting still due to a flat tire or other car problem.

  • dsmbucky

    I came out to a flat tire in our ramp at work. Thankfully, our company has equipped the security guards so they could try to help us fix it. They tried to pump up some air but it didn't work. Well, my husband came to save the day but we had to read the owner's manual to figure out how to GET to the spare tire. But what a great memory – it was so cold that it now makes me not feel so hot somehow.

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