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Big 12 in Big Trouble

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The Big 12 has a Texas-sized problem. It appears as though A&M is going to bolt for the SEC. The Texas Board of Regents is going to discuss the matter on Monday afternoon. The Aggies are upset that the Longhorns have monopolized the Big 12 revenue stream and they want out.

If A&M gets out, that could set off a domino effect that may put last years wheeling and dealings to shame. You would assume the SEC would want to even out the numbers, meaning they’d have to add 1, 3, or even 5 teams. They will have to poach the other team(s) from other power conferences and alignment as we know it may be a thing of the past.

I hate to see what greed is doing to college athletics. I’m afraid we could be headed upwards a constant “musical chairs” scenario. Conferences could end up bidding for teams each off-season like major free-agents. For the second time in 14 months, Iowa State fans are wondering where the Cyclones may end up. Will the Big 12 move forward with 9 teams? Will it add lower level teams like Houston or TCU? Will te conference even exist in 5 years? These are all hypothetical questions, but they’re all questions sports fans are pondering.

Iowa fans should be concerned, as well. If the SEC adds a couple powerhouse programs, Jim Delany will likely try to do the same. I think the Hawks are safe in the Big Ten but what would fans think about a 16-team conference with Missouri, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, and Cincinnati? Yikes.

The good news is, nothing will affect this season. We’re a mere 3 weeks from kickoff Saturday, and excitement is ratcheting up — especially in Iowa City. If you checked Twitter, this afternoon, it would’ve been hard to miss the gloating Iowa fans were doing following BTN’s trip to this afternoons practice. Gerry DiNardo tweeted that James Vandenberg might be the beat “pure passer” in the Big Ten. Hawk fans went through the roof. Some have probably forgotten the fact that the analysts cash check with the B1G’s logo on them. They’ll never say the defensive line looked shaky or the kickers missed 7-10 PAT’s. Take it with a grain on salt.

Awe heck, who am I kiddin? People are giddy for football and I can’t blame them one bit. This is better than Christmas.

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  • Anonymous

    “Hawk fans went through the roof. Some have probably forgotten the fact that the analysts cash check with the B1G's logo on them.”

    Well said, Chris. Everyone looks good in preseason when no one is 100% in game shape yet and there aren't four or more defenders trying to maime them.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again…Big 12 is going to disintegrate once Texas goes independent. They're tired of this conference realignment stuff and they're going to do something about it sooner than later. I wish Notre Dame would've just joined the Big Ten (as you guys suggested on SoundOFF when all this started) and none of this may have happened. Maybe at least we can get rid of the sham, a.k.a. the BCS, soon.

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