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Winnders and Losers, Big Loser and Weekend Winner

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Good Friday Morning!

The last few hours of work before you take days off are difficult to stay focused for…That’s the case for me this morning. I am taking a few days off as Sally heads to another business trip and I take a few days to relax…

A quick Shout out to my Friend Chris Long. He is getting married this weekend. Sally and I are really sad we can’t attend but my children’s seemingly unending Milk habit is cramping my budget. Congrats Chris and Sarina! Enjoy the Bowls!

The News:

Winners and Losers

There will be unending talk about who won and who lost the debate last night in Ames.

I won’t comment on that. I think Tim Pawlenty got off a few good lines. The Register’s old Political Columnist David Yepsen says he thought Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich had the best performances. I keep waiting for Michelle Bachmann to say something more than the lines I’ve heard her say over and over. Having a stump speech is one thing. These Debates should give voters a chance to see you have more to say…Solutions? Expertise?

The exchange on Iran was troubling… The talk about Romney was an exchange with An Ultra Liberal Group at the fair. He was giving his Soapbox speech when a guys started shouting at him. That’s Bush league…and I’d say the same thing if it was a group of Republicans attacking a Dem.

A lot of people are going to say Romeny blurting out “Corporations are people too” is a bad thing . If I were on his staff I would tell him to stick with it…Corporations ARE about people.

Any of you who work at Wells Fargo or Principal want to see Big Corporations hurt? How about you Union Members that work for John Deere? Would you like to see a tax that cuts into the company’s ability to pay you more? I’m just saying…I think Romney was saying that corporations are made up OF people.

Who do you think won the Debate?

Big Loser

So a guy comes up and tries to abduct a 13 year-old girl…then he tries to get her parents to sign her away? Yeah I would hit him too. For those of you who read this on a regular basis…Hydrogen and Stupid.

Weekend Winner

I am off. I’m a little sad I won’t be around for the Straw Poll, Adel Sweet Corn Festival or any of the other great things happening this weekend. I hope you get out and enjoy some of them.


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  • Anthill_Goddess

    My biggest frustration is that, since I don't have cable and pay for only cheap internet access, I couldn't watch the debate. I wish one of our local “dot-two or dot-three” channels could show it. :( I spent my evening watching live-tweeting to try to keep up at least a little bit.

    My daughter is 12…I'm not sure I could stop myself at just punching the guy in the face.

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