HOT Today…Hurricane Irene Update

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Orient Macksburg Schools have decided to let their students out early today because the heat and humidity will make it feel like 100+ this afternoon. (must not have AC in the classrooms.)

Coaches need to be watchful of their players during outside practice today. Make sure your players have plenty of water.

Here is the morning update on Hurricane Irene.

The hurricane is a cat. 2 with winds at 101 mph. The track is trending a little more the east…keeping it a bit farther off the Florida coast, but you can see the line is set up for landfall on the Carolina Coast overnight Saturday to Sunday morning.

The forecast is for Irene to be a major hurricane…cat. 4 along the coast of Florida. The Bahamas will be slammed along the way.

If the forecast holds for cat. 3 as it hits the Atlantic coast…we are talking about major destruction.

The long term forecast hints at Irene hitting New England. Over 75 million people could be affected by this storm. It has the potential to be another very costly event in a year of extreme weather.