Power to the People

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  • I think we’ve all reached the point of Cy-Hawk trophy fatigue—passed it really. Let me just briefly give kudos to the Iowa Corn Growers Association, as well as Iowa State and Iowa, for admitting they missed the mark, that the fans didn’t approve, and that those same fans would have a say in the re-design. It’s not easy for smart, powerful people to admit when they’re wrong, it’s easier to dig in. They didn’t. Bravo. Goodwill follows.
  • A new trophy can’t be ready by September 10th, so an “interim trophy” will be used. I suggest they give the first Cy-Hawk trophy one final day in the sun—a farewell from fans, players, and coaches. I guarantee the old eyesore would have a welcome reception like never before.

  • We’d also be happy to take the Cy-Hawk trophy with us on RVTV. Give people a chance to say goodbye, let the old wooden box pose for a picture of two. It’s now more appreciated than ever.
  • New trophy? I still like the late legends Nile Kinnick and Jack Trice walking out of Field of Dreams like corn and onto a football field. Everyone knows corn in Iowa brings legends back to life if there’s a game to be played, and football is now our state’s pastime. Then again, as one fan noted, can you have a Cy-Hawk trophy without Cy and Herky? You can, but maybe you shouldn’t.  One listener who called our radio show suggested Herky and Cy swinging haymakers about to hit, like at the end of Rocky III. Not bad. However, unlike Kinnick and Trice, Cy and Herky tend change over the years, the two legends are frozen in time. Either trophy will make most people happy, and after Precious Moments farm family, even the naysayers will take it.
  • If you have an idea for the next new trophy, Mindy with Iowa Corn asks that you send it here: http://www.iowacorn.org/index.cfm?nodeID=30313
  • I can’t believe how much attention we all gave to a trophy. In the end, who wins the game will be all that matters.


  • Scott

    Plus as much as I like football, it is just a game and in the scheme of things there are much bett things to worry about rather than what a trophy will look like. Go Hawks and Go Clones.

  • Lloyd Bonafide

    All the people bitching about this stupid trophy remind me of people that go to Super Bowl parties and only watch the commercials.

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