First Day, In the Path and Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes

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Good Morning!

I hope you enjoy the beautiful day. What a difference stepping outside this morning!

First Day

30,000 kids go back to school in Des Moines today. driving through West Des Moines around bus time was a reminder of how much more activity there is in the school year vs the Summer. Be careful out there!

Megan Reuther was in front of Roosevelt HS this morning for her story about the first day and the tree behind her was tee-peed. Jeriann was not pleased. She wanted some kid’s heads of a platter. maybe not that harsh but she was concerned. What do you think? Is it just kids being kids the first day of school or should the school try to figure out who it is and punish them.

My H.S. people used to fork someone’s lawn. I guess neither is all that environmentally friendly.

In the Path

So imagine you haven’t had a vacation with your wife/husband for two years as you raise your first child. You finally decide to drop everything and make a break for it. The kid is with the Grandparents and you get the romantic weekend you were looking for…until Irene shows up. Our neighbors decided last minute to go to Hilton Head this week. I’m actually going to try to get em on the phone tomorrow. We’ll see if the storm comes close. Right now it looks like they’re going to get a lot of rain but not as much of the wind. Actually it’s not a bad way to go if you’re the parent of a two year-old. it’s a good excuse to sleep for a week.

Hate Crime

So Waterloo Police now say the beating death of a teenager was NOT a hate crime. In fact his sister says the victim wasn’t even gay. Does it matter if he was or wasn’t? If people are targeting you because they think you’re gay is that enough?

I am puzzled at the idea of holding a candlelight vigil in Des Moines for a kid who died in Cedar Rapids. Wouldn’t it make more sense fr One Iowa t go up to Waterloo?

I will agree with one thing they’re saying…the more leaders, in any form, give voice to hate…they tacitly approve of this kids of action.

If you are a Christian, if that’s the way you present yourself to the public…shouldn’t you be the first to condemn someone’s senseless death by mob beating? If none of the leaders who rail against homosexuality stand up and say this was wrong…doesn’t that flies in the face of everything they claim to represent?

Changes 1

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is stepping down…sort of. He’s still going to be Chairman of the Board so I’m not that worried about the Company’s future. I’m sure Apple will be just fine. Not everyone shares my optimism.


So Facebook is making changes to it’s security settings today. Has anyone used them? What do we need to know?

Bidding Again

Just another pitch to come out for the Science Center Auction. if you think the ticket price is steep…look at the menu, and consider the fact that it’s open bar…and a donation. Seriously it’s a good party. Jeriann ad Rob are coming…we’re still working on Brooke.

a couple more of the items up for bid:

-Spring and Winter Landscape Package that includes residential snow removal…

-Private tour of the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden for 10 with Des Moines Art Center

Director Jeff Fleming, certiļ¬cate for dinner for 10 people at Proof

-Private dinner for four at Terrace Hill with Governor Terry and First Lady Chris


-or if you want to bid in the silent auction you can bid on a round of golf with me at Mr Albaugh’s course Talons of Tuscany, or a night out with Andy Fales.

There’s about a million other things to bid on…so here’s a link to the full list. I’ll throw in a couple other items tomorrow.


Jeriann says her new guilty pleasure for overnight breakfast is a tornado from Kum and Go. I don’t know what it is but it’s something to do with sausage. I found mine yesterday at McDonald’s. I had the Wild Berry Smoothie for the first time. That was AWESOME. Totally worth two fifty and 250 calories. Also Dunkin Doughnuts is coming!

Do you have any new favorites for breakfast?


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