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Park It, Tweet it, and Escape!

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Good Morning!

I hope you are having a good morning so far. I am excited to see the rain. I don’t know about you but my lawn suffered this summer. It could use a little time to repair itself. Not a ton of rain today…but something is better than nothing.

The News

Park It

The Des Moines City Council says it’s going to start charging after 4PM for parking in Downtown garages. We asked what people thought of it on Facebook, and I have to say I’m surprised.

People sounded as if $3 is going to break their budget. If you parked in Downtown Chicago you’d need a second mortgage to pay off the ticket when you exited at the end of the night.

We’re talking about less than most of these people pay for a CUP OF COFFEE! It’s certainly less than the Red Bull and Vodka you’re going to have when you go to one of the clubs.

I don’t like to pay to park any more than the next guy but this one seems like a user fee.

The President is releasing his jobs plan soon. He says he wants to focus on construction projects that will help repair America’s aging infrastructure.

Great. I agree…as long as The President is willing to say those Construction jobs will go to the companies that offer the most competitive bid, and not, to Union only shops. As the President said, we should put Country before party.


The Former Vice President was on the Today Show this morning. I just got done watching the interview. I thought it was fair.

Just a couple of thoughts. On water boarding, Matt Lauer asked, If an American were to be water boarded by Iran would we object? The Vice President said we would on the grounds that that would be one of our citizens. In the case of the the Terrorism suspects we used that technique on, these people have no flag they operate under…they are not part of a legitimate government using recognized techniques to gather information, declare war, fight what they see as oppression…they are terrorists.

They send children as young as 11 to be suicide bombers against American convoys. They tell these children that they won’t be hurt when the bomb goes off. They lie to children…to get them to murder. They are not people who recognize the human rights of anyone else…they are not victims.

This presents a slippery slope to the intelligence community in The United States. The scrutiny aimed at these techniques is an important debate a free society that values Human Rights should engage in.

Tweet it

Beyonce is pregnant. That news produced a record number of tweets. I guess there’s not a lot of debate who’s on social media.


We had an escape at our house last night. JT got a time-out for hitting his brother…we don’t hit. Sally brought him up to his room for a quick break. As she came down the stairs I heard him following close behind. He’s apparently jumped out of the crib almost as soon as she’s left the room. I’m not sure what he was more upset about…getting a time-out…or the fact that’s he’d scared himself when he climbed over the rail of the crib.

So it begins.

We have to make a decision about regular beds soon but I was hoping to get another month or so out of the cribs.

I hope you all have a great day!



  • Dawn Walton

    I'm surprised no comments about the clerk who got taken with the fake money wasn't mentioned. Did I hear correctly that the store is making her repay this? Do they make all clerks that are robbed replace the stolen money or goods? Sure she shouldn't have left her “post” but she had seen the guy there previously so who would immediately think “scam”? Anyway, I feel for her and don't think it's right if she does have to pay back for the stolen money.

  • Bethany

    My son moved from a crib to a twin bed just before he turned 2, and we just made the transition with my daughter who is 2. I sat down in the bed with them on their first night and explained the rules of a big kid bed. I told them that it's very dangerous to get up in the night when Mommy and Daddy aren't around, and if they needed something they should yell for one of us. When my son was about 3, we trusted him to get up to go potty on his own, but to make sure that he knew when he was allowed to get up for the day we bought a child's stop light with a timer. He knows that when the light is red, he must stay in his bed (or only get up to go potty), and when the light is green, he can get up for the day. Good luck with the transition! There are some benefits of big kid beds too! I love being able to snuggle right next to them in their beds to read books and pray before they fall asleep.

  • lajunk

    We moved our twins into full size beds at the beginning of Augsut. They will be 3 at the end of December and they LOVE it! We left their cribs up just in case and they don't want anything to do with them. We did have to have a talk with our boy telling him that he isn't allowed to get out of bed until we come and get him and he actually listened to us! It's great!

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