Iowa State upsets Iowa, Andy loses bet. Buzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Andy in the chair after Iowa State football practice, preparing for the buzzzzzzzzzz.
Major General Tim Orr, head of the Iowa National Guard, is on hand to ensure the buzz cut meets military specs. Four-year ISU starter Leonard Johnson is the Cyclones team barber, and part-time stand-up comic.
Leonard wanted to give Andy a “fade”, but Andy being uncool, didn’t know what that was. It’s a 1-guard all the way around.
Major General Orr, a big Cyclone fan, gives the cut a thumbs up as Leonard admires his work. Andy looks a little stunned, though truth be told, he looks pretty good with a buzz. Next time we better insist on a shaved head. Our thanks to Major General Orr and barber Johnson for their help.


  • Dawn

    I think Andy looks very handsome in that haircut. And girls just love to rub the top of your head when you have a buzz cut. :)

  • Keith Murphy

    No one ever promised a shaved head, nor was a shaved head even mentioned. I have to defend my boy, Andy on that one.

    The bet was a buzz, and the only discussion was 2-guard, which Andy wanted, or 1-guard, which Jamie Pollard wanted. Pollard won, which made the buzz shorter.

    Andy lived up to the bet. People are disappointed because his hair is so thick, it doesn't look that drastic, and he actually looks pretty good in the opinion of many.

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