Elections, Weekend Catch-up and Walmart

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Good Morning!

Sorry…sorry…I missed writing this yesterday. I’ll catch up this morning.


You have School Board Elections this morning. Please go out and vote. For all the attention we pay to a bunch of candidates who aren’t going to last three months for the Presidential Election…we all pay very little attention to the people who handle most of our local tax dollars. Your School Board takes the highest portion of your property tax bill. Do you know who’s running? Are you familiar with how they’re going to spend your money? Nothing will effect your home value, and our community’s future quite like good schools.


Speaking of the Presidential Candidates we heard more from a debate in Florida last night.
Have you ever fed the fish at the Blank Park Zoo? That’s the image I had when i watch all of these candidates. it’s chaos. The noise is so loud, it’s hard to come up with substantive reasons to think one is going to get the nomination over the other.

I spent part of the weekend over at Salisbury House judging the Salisbury Classic Car Show.
Let me say first, I know NOTHING about cars. thankfully for me, there are other judges to help and…you judge based on what you like.
So I got the Chevy Division….Here are a couple examples of the winners we chose.

Here’s a 56 Chevy Bel Aire…that was our winner.

It didn’t win but I’d really like one of these. It’s a 62 Corvette. The only problem is, there’s no way I’d fit into it.

The whole event was a lot of fun. I learned a lot.

Wally World
So every once in a while I need to stop at Walmart on my way to work for a couple of things. I like to keep snacks in my file drawer, stuff like that. Every time I go to the WH Walmart…it’s like entering the Twilight Zone. No matter what I need the aisle it’s in is inevitable shut down for cleaning (a fact I ignored this morning cause I was out of time). It also seems there’s always a problem checking out….despite the fact that I AM THE ONLY ONE IN THE STORE! This morning I didn’t see anyone for like ten minutes as I was walking from one end of the store to the other. Magically, someone appeared in front of me just as I walked to the Checkout line. Of course, he was doing his entire week of grocery shopping and, of course…the fifteen other Walmart employees standing there staring at me couldn’t check me out. To cap it all off, it seems the very nice woman who was doing the checking, couldn’t run the scanner, and couldn’t make change. Now I’m not making fun of or criticizing her. She’s working hard overnight and no one needs to tell me how hard that is. that said, the dozen or so other employees could have stepped up to help! And what are those self-checkout lines for? Isn’t this a PERFECT example of when they should be used? Anyway, as it always was and will always be…I need Walmart more than Walmart needs to help me at three in the morning.

I hope you have a good day!

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  • livnbig

    I couldn't agree with you more on the school board elections. And, if you've ever filled a prescription at the WH Walmart, please give us your account. I've broken a promise to myself to never do that again, but am now holding steadfast.

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