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Overnight Accident, King Sling, and Up All Night

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Good Morning!…Is it Morning?

If I’ve lost a sense of time it’s because we were up several times last night for sick kids/sick spouse. It’s that time of year. I’ve come to the conclusion that sick babies are easier to deal with than a sick two and a half year-old. With babies…I’m the only one making decisions about their care. My boys seem to think they have some say. So instead of sucking the mucus out of their head as I would have done this time last year…We let em go to sleep with a stuffy nose.The result…Up all night. I believe I will be wrestling with them before bedtime tonight. No complaints….I think Sally had it worse than me.

I continue this blog from the lobby of Holmes Honda. Sally needed the oil changed on her car. more to the point…I needed the oil changed on her car cause I’m taking it to Missouri next week. I don’t mind hanging out anywhere they offer free wi-fi. I’m not sure why, at this point…any business would go without it.


An accident along I-80 killed four people last night near Grinnell. The State Patrol says the accident happened when someone sideswiped a tow truck trying to help a Semi. the three people working on the Semi along the side of the road were killed along with the driver of the car.

Two things here.
First, this is why we have a law in Iowa that says you’re supposed to get over to the left lane if you see someone working along the side of the road. It’s about safety. When you see someone changing a tire or an officer pulling a car over…change lanes and get left. If you are in the left lane and someone else needs to get over…let em in!
Second…When we got the names of the victims this morning…someone in our newsroom thought they might know him. It gave us all pause. We were all working hard to get the details of the accident correct for the Morning show. This was a moment to remember that every name we read is someone’s son or daugBoldhter…someone’s spouse or parent. In this case…someone’s friend.
King Sling or Uncle Omar?
I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am disappointed Rep King decided to take the low road on the case of the President’s Uncle. He was picked up for drunk driving. it would appear he is here illegally and ICE let him go.
First thing’s first. I use Sen Grassley as my yardstick here. If he was launching an investigation into pretty much anything having to do with the Federal Government’s handling of a personal situation…do you think Sen Grassley would go on TV first…before anyone has asked any questions? I doubt it. Grassley’s been pretty tough on Federal agencies of all kinds when they are being unfair…spending your money unwisely etc… It’s pretty clear that his interest is as watchdog almost every time.
That’s what Rep King is says he is doing here but the way he did it doesn’t pass the smell test. He called the guy Uncle Omar?
It’s a not so veiled reference…. It would appear Rep King has no intention of finding out if there was any impropriety here…
I would instead bet the over/under on how fast he can get The President’s Uncle in front of a camera…and how many times he can say Muslim…Drunk and Immigration as many times as is humanly possible.
I don’t know what the President’s Uncle did. I don’t know if he’s here legally. I would bet all the money in my pocket that it has NOTHING to do with the President…Rep King knows that. Heck, if you judged me based on something one of my two dozen Aunts and Uncles did…would that be fair?
Speaking of …
Rep Michelle Bachmann’s claim that a vaccine caused a girl to be mentally retarded shows an appalling lack of judgement and common sense. I think a lot of people were on board with the idea that the Government shouldn’t be mandating a vaccine for a disease only transmitted through sexual contact…but like the King situation, this shows less measured judgment and more of a bomb thrower’s mentality.

Studio Visit

Our genius creator of promotions at WHO-HD was in studio unannounced this morning. He was taking some “behind the scenes” video of all of us. i think he got me eating my breakfast and caught me tweeting instead of reading. we’ll see how the Promotion turns out but if it’s in Kevin’s hands…I have faith.

Dream Trip
The Golf Digest Travel Writer has been posting reports from a friend who’s on a dream trip in Scotland. I’m jealous. Here is the link to his blog. I hope he’ll come on our trip one of these years. i doubt he would show up this year because we’re going to Lake of the Ozarks. Maybe we’ll come up with a reason for a visit next year. Maybe I can figure out a way to get back to Scotland and Invite him along.
They’re almost done with my car.


  • Anthill_Goddess

    President Obama called Onyango Obama “Uncle Omar” in his best-selling book. I don't think that Rep. King was using it as a reference to anything other than that President Obama has acknowledged this relative on a pretty personal level previously. That being said, I don't like how Rep. King went about this. There are many more things going on in our government that should be looked into (the ATF's “Fast and Furious” failure?).

    So sad to hear about the accident and the loss of life. People can be incredibly stupid while driving and sadly, sometimes this is the outcome.

    Hope everyone in your house gets to feeling better quickly!!

  • Trainergirl

    I am related to one of the men that died and it is a tragic reminder to be sure to kiss your loved ones goodbye and tell them that you love them everyday. Count your blessings and don't take anything for granted.

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