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Jobs, Amazing 9-11 story and Short Day

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Good Morning!

If you didn’t turn the heat on last night, you probably had cold feet when they hit the floor this morning.

I know I did…that said…this is one of my favorite “early morning” times of the year. It’s crisp so a cup of coffee tastes great and warms you up…and yet it’s still light jacket weather. I remember a weekend in October Sally ad I spent in Asheville, NC. The cabin we stayed in had a huge fireplace that we used at night…but by morning the house had cooled off considerably. That along with the lingering smell of the fire made it a perfect fall morning. Makes me want to go back.

Anyway…here’s the news…

Republicans release their jobs plan today. And so the search begins fr common ground.
Here’s a tip: Look for the Republicans and Democrats who throw bombs at these plans. The ones one both sides of the aisle who find a reason this won’t work. Those are the people who should be voted out of office first.
A healthy scepticism, protecting your constituents, even holding true to your principals is one thing…you can do that and still find ways to do the thing that’s in the best interest of the country. There will be members of Congress who don’t want this to pass. Republicans, because it would give the President a victory, Democrats because some of these ideas are going to be conservative. Most of them just want to get re-elected. I say keep the ones around who’s re-election depends on results.

Amazing 9/11 story
The Washington Post published a follow up to one of it’s 9/11 stories this morning. It’s about a pilot that scrambled her jet on 9/11 thinking she might have to defend the Capitol by crashing her unarmed jet into a plane bound for Washington. The twist this morning? She may have had to kill her Father as well.
My friend who is also a Journalist says this is manufactured news. I think it’s the kind of thing someone should write a book about. Maybe I will.

Short Day
I am off to attend an event with the Iowa Association of Business and Industry today . it means you will be in the capable hands of Megan Reuther for the Channel 13 News at Noon. it also means I get to take my kids to Pre-school this morning. A nice change of routine isn’t bad every once in a while.


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