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Realignment Armageddon, Green-Out, Ball Meets Face

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Paul Rhoads says he still hasn’t talked to his team about the subject everyone else, around the college football world is talking about — conference realignment. He said, on the Murph n Andy show that he, nor his players, have control of the situation, so he’s going to ignore it until Iowa State makes a move (if they do). One report, out of Cincinnati, indicates that ISU is poised to join the Big East, along with Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State, and TCU. Another report has Kansas, and K-State, going to the ACC to create a basketball behemoth.

Realignment talk reminds me of the scene from the movie, ‘Scream’, in which they’re watching what they think is live TV, but in actuality, what they’re seeing happened 15 seconds in the past. There’s no way of knowing if what you’re hearing is already out of date.

James Vandenberg was named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. Big surprise. He was absolutely lights out in those final four drives.

The Hawkeyes are calling for a “Green-out for Greenwood” on Saturday, against Louisiana Monroe. Former Hawk, Brett Greenwood, reportedly remains in critical condition, in a coma, at University Hospitals in Iowa City. There’s not a lot to get excited about for a team like ULM, but this would certainly give me reason to go and show support for a kid that’s fighting for his life.

I’ve seen a lot of games from this exact spot in the end zone…but I’ve never been hit in the face by a football like this poor dude. I wonder what he did to Michael Boley to deserve this:

Fred Hoiberg lands another big-time recruit, in Sherron Dorsey-Walker. The Detroit shooting guard committed to ISU, Monday night. ESPN.com ranks him 90 on a scale of 100, in the class of 2012. He also had offers from Boston College, Michigan, and Temple.

Just when I had completely forgotten about baseball, the Cardinals have somehow climbed back into the race. The Marlins came back to beat Atlanta in the bottom of the 9th, and STL is now within 2.5 games of the Braves in the wildcard race. Please, make it stop.

There’s some piece of space junk headed towards earth. It’s apparently the size of a bus, and it will hit earth somewhere between Antarctica, and the North Pole — what?! That’s not really narrowing it down much, is it? There’s a 1-in-121 trillion chance you’ll be hit. Be careful out there.

I’m going to give NBC’s new ‘Playboy Club’ a shot. I also think the ABC show, ‘Pan Am’ on the 1960’s airline industry a try. It’s a transition time for me and my DVR. ‘Curb’, ‘True Blood’, and ‘Entourage’, just ended. ‘The Office’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘Boardwalk Empire’, and ‘Dexter’, are about to begin. Who says there’s nothing good on TV, anymore?


  • Anonymous

    “Please, make it [baseball] stop.”

    Seriously, Chris? Just because you're pro-football and anti-baseball doesn't mean everyone else is. By the time February rolls around, a lot of people are thinking “Please, make it stop” about your precious football.

    Keep that in mind when baseball season starts next spring and football is finished for several months. I'll be relishing your inevitable depression.

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