A busy week!

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Hello gang!
It’s been a busy couple of days and I can tell this week is going to fly!

The weather may have been rotten but the Latino Heritage Festival on the downtown bridges helped heat things up over the weekend.

Somehow I got myself roped into this “Dancing with the Celebrities” contest. I kept telling people they were using the words “dancing” and “celebrities” very loosely. Thankfully I had a wonderful instructor in Luisito Cabrera and I achieved my goal, which was simply to not fall down. We’ve posted the video on “13 Raw” if you need a good laugh.

Channel 5’s Rachel Pierce was also in the contest and she was AMAZING. She danced the Cha-Cha with Manual Cabrejos, another fabulous instructor. Marcus McIntosh from Channel 8 was also performing and I am happy to report that after all of his trash talking about how everyone else was competing for second place, he did not win! Fabiola Pastorino from Farmers Insurance took home the top prize and she was dazzling dancing the Merengue.

I have to admit I had an absolute ball taking Salsa lessons and I’m hoping to drag Michael along for some sessions this fall and winter. The instructors and performers with Salsa Des Moines and Bachata Des Moines are incredible and I would highly recommend taking their classes and attending their social events.

I had no idea costumes were part of the gig when I agreed to be a Celebrity Server as part of a fundraiser for the Young Women’s Resource Center, but look at Councilwoman Christine Hensley! She and her friends all wore these Lucille Ball outfits – how fun!

The event is a blast and helps a good cause and I’m grateful to my friends Angie Gallagher and Kat Kinseth for buying tickets. I confess, I didn’t do a very good job of waiting on people – I talk too much! If you couldn’t make it to the dinners at Centro or Django you can still help YWRC. Visit http://www.ywrc.org

To find out how to help an incredible young lady in the metro, tune in Thursday at 10. I got to meet Kelsey Michelsen and her parents yesterday. They’re sharing their story of faith and resilience, and dance team coach Marianne Mayo and team captain Whitney Blakemore are showing how seemingly small acts of kindness can have a huge impact.


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