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Don’t Ask Ever…Deficits and Celebrity Server

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Good Morning…

I just didn’t have much to say Monday so we’ll start the week here…

Don’t ask…ever
A policy that was misguided in the first place is now officially over. I know there are a lot of people who say gay men and women serving openly in the military would be disruptive. They said the same thing when the armed services desegregated under Truman. They said the same thing as women were allowed o serve. We are a country that can adapt to new conditions. the fact is…this should never come up. And anyone who thinks soldiers are going to making passes at each other in the shower don’t have a grip on reality. Do you really know the guy in the shower next to you in the gym isn’t gay? Does it matter? If these men and women are willing to serve their country…I am not going to throw up artificial road blocks.

The President’s deficit reduction plan taxes people who make more money. I wouldn’t go so far as calling it class warfare, but the President sure knows where his base is. I would caution people to use terminology that fits this discussion.
People EARN $250,000/year. They don’t st around and eat bon-bons while someone rains cash on them. These are business owners, middle managers. they may be your friends or someone you go to church with. if we close loopholes…that’s not a tax increase. It’s forcing people to pay the rate as it was written in the tax code. if you think the rate needs to be lowered…that’s a different debate. Words matter.

College Football
There’s a survey The New York Times did on who is the most popular College Football team in the country. Does the list surprise you? I thought the information was a new piece in the debate over revenues, TV coverage and realignment. It certainly brings into focus…this is all about $$

Celebrity Server
I met a great group of people at the Young Women’s Resource Center’s Celebrity Server night last night. They closed down Centro o serve a special meal that helped raise money for YWRC. I know I wasn’t much help tot he wait staff but I hope the people there to donate got a few laughs out of our conversation. I always like meeting new people.
Hope you have a great day!