Pac-12 Sticking, Mtn West Wants ISU, Barnes on 13.3

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Great news from the Pac-12, tonight. The league says it will not be expanding beyond 12 teams. Let’s hope other conferences follow suit. The idea of four, 16-team conferences, makes me sick. 

The Mountain West Conference wants Iowa State. The MWC Commissioner says that ISU seems to be leaning towards the Big East, if the Big 12 falls apart. At least the Cyclones will have some place to go if things keep heading in this direction — given the MWC is still around.

Oklahoma says it would consider staying in the Big 12 — if commish Dan Beebe steps down. That’s just one in a long list of demands from OU.

Missouri has reportedly been offered to join the SEC. Word is that Mizzou will wait to see if the Big 12 can be salvaged. If not, the SEC is a pretty darn good landing spot.

Don’t expect the Hawks to put James Vandenberg in the shotgun, no-huddle, the rest of the season. Today, the Hawks said they want to get back to “basics”. That’s basically going to drive Hawkeye fans insane. I really hope they at least mix in a little bit more shotgun. It’s obvious Vandenberg feels more comfortable in it, and they have the receiving corps to go wild. Ferentz is one of the longest-tenured coaches in the business (13 years)….that’s a long time to go without changing anything. Teams know how to game-plan against the Hawks, and it shows.

Someone calling him/herself ‘Anonymous’ is really upset that I don’t like baseball as much as I like football. I’ll give you two reasons, ‘Anonymous’ … We live in Iowa, and I’m a Cubs fan.

Channel 13.3 is now your home for ACC Sports. We will have four exclusive (to Central Iowa) games featuring Harrison Barnes, and the North Carolina Tar Heels, this winter. Starting as early as this Saturday, you will be able to find ACC football games, as well.

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