Hawkeye "Payback", Bernstine is a Bear, ‘Little’ Ten

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The Hawkeyes paid Louisiana Monroe $1-million to come to Kinnick Stadium, but it was Iowa’s offense that looked like a million bucks. Kirk Ferentz said the Hawks wouldn’t be changing offensive philosophy after coming back to beat Pittsburgh with the no-huddle offense — he lied. Iowa went no-huddle several times during the game, and when they did, the Hawks put together their best drives of the day. Kudos to the Hawkeye coaching staff for making an adjustment that we’ve been begging for, for years.

In the last 5+ quarters, James Vandenberg is 38-51, for 490 yards, and 8 total td’s. Not coincidentally, that was when Iowa went to the no-huddle shotgun. Let the kid keep making plays. He missed on a couple passes today, but he’s only going to get better as the season goes on. This is a Hawkeye team that’s going to have to out-score their opponents. The defense has proven that it’s just not very good.

One of the lone bright spots on ‘D’ is Jordan Bernstine. The kid always seems to be making plays around the ball. Whether it’s a big kick return, a downed punt inside the 5, or a huge hit to knock the ball loose, he’s making an impact. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns a great senior season in a ticket to the NFL.

Marvin McNutt is a video game receiver. He makes it look so easy. If you put the ball in his vicinity, he’s going to get a hand on it…and when he gets a hand on it, he catches it.

Marcus Coker looked better than he’s looked all season, but he still has a long way to go. He doesn’t have breakaway speed, or that quick burst through the hole. We’ve already received some email from Hawkeye fans wanting to see more of Iowa’s backup running backs.

The “Green-out for Greenwood” didn’t go as well as I had hoped. I was glad to see a bunch of fans wearing green, but without the University’s planning, it’s hard to get everyone on the same page. Still, it was a great tribute to Greenwood and his family. His parents were there, and they talked to the team in the after the game. One can only imagine the emotion in that locker room.

ISU needed a bye week…the Cyclones were banged up. The bye-week for the Hawks, however, couldn’t come at a worse time. They barely had to exert any effort against ULM. Just when the offense got in a rhythm, they have to sit it out for a week. The game at Penn State will be really big. Even though PSU isn’t great, we should be able to find out if Iowa is going to struggle to make a bowl, or if this team can make a run at the Legends Division title.

The Big Ten is really bad. Minnesota lost to North Dakota State (of the MVC), and Indiana got blown out by Dan McCarney’s North Texas team that was 0-3. It’s so bad, that I think Wisconsin could run the table, and still not play in the BCS Championship game. It’s about as bad top-to-bottom as I’ve ever seen it.

The big one next week is Nebraska at Wisconsin. In my opinion, the winner of this one will go undefeated. Let’s just hope it’s not the Huskers. 

Gus Johnson has been calling the 6pm games on FX, this season. Iowa State plays Texas at 6pm, on FX, next week. Dear Lord…

I’ll be turning down the tv and turning up the radio for that one. I can’t wait to see what Iowa State does with two weeks to prepare for Texas.

I always have to spit out my gum when I walk into a public restroom. My gum starts to taste like the smell of the bathroom. I can’t stand it.