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Bullying, Calendar Shift and Books

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Good Morning and Happy National Coffee Day!
I need some this morning. We had some Gremlins working on the newsroom printer this morning so I was late getting ready. No worries…Jeriann and Brooke succeeded in making me laugh A LOT today. i felt better after the show.

As a new parent I think a lot about how I would react if my kid alleged bullying in school. Answering our newsline, you hear a lot of stories from people. They’re being taken advantage of, they’re being abused, someone is breaking the law. No matter who it is or how heartfelt their story is, I always ask one question: “What are the people you’re accusing going to tell me that you aren’t”. People almost always allow a few details that make their outrageous story sound a lot less outrageous. It also usually speaks to their role in the situation. I wanted to know more about the alleged bullying in Perry schools. It sounds bad. But as a Parent I would hope I ask my kids…what are you doing here that might make the situation worse? I wouldn’t hesitate making every effort on behalf of my child…but there are two sides to every story.

Calendar Shift
Memo to Florida and all other states that don’t think Iowa should be at the head of the Primary voting line: You are never going to win this fight. Matt Strawn is right. All of the jostling for the first spot will only serve to make the early states MORE important. Good luck with your plan to move your Primary. You didn’t need all those delegates anyway.

He said: Yesterday I was singing along with some of the boys songs as we listened at snack time. JT came up to me and said, “Daddy don’t sing.” I said, “Why Buddy?” JT: “It makes me sad”.

She said: We were talking about e-books vs traditional books today and Brooke blurted out to Jerianne, “Do you read Jerianne?” the tone of the question didn’t come out right…but it was pretty funny for anyone watching and we sure had a good laugh.

Speaking of Books
What’s your opinion of the e-reader trend? Are we going to ever lose traditional books? Will there always be a page to turn or will we be scrolling through books in twenty years not even remembering the days when we used to carry a best seller with us on the plane for vacation?
I like actual books but I see the wave coming and wonder if I will just have to give in and get an iPad.

Comment on any or all of this. If I’ve left something out, please bring it up as a topic of discussion here. I’m always happy to hear what you have to say!
I hope you all have a good day!


  • Anthill_Goddess

    Pat, I'm going to have to say I really do NOT agree with your questioning what the bullied might have done to make the situation worse. For many of the kids who are terribly bullied at school, simply being there is enough to trigger the aggession of the other student. Just being. Now, imagine coming home, finally mustering the courage to tell your parents you need help and Dad says, “What are you doing that could be making this worse?”

  • Patrick Dix

    I think my point is…there's two sides to every story.
    When I was a kid there were other students who were just picked on for no reason…they did nothing wrong and they got picked on anyway.
    Other students knew what they were contributing to the situation but didn't own up to their own contribution. They wanted their parents to take care of it.
    I want my kids to know I back them up 100% but I also want to be firm with them in the idea that we don't hold ourselves blameless. I want them to always look at a situation through as many different perspectives as possible.
    If my kids look at me and say they didn't do anything…I'd believe them.
    If they did something to contribute to the situation I still back them up…but they have to take ownership of their own actions.
    With a last name like Dix, believe me when I tell you I've been on the short end of this one.

  • Curt Brown

    Oh man, I've never even tried to sing around my son (except when he was a baby). Hearing my own singing voice makes me sad. An now he's mad at me because I can't whistle either. There's a reason I play drums kiddo.

  • Bethany

    I agree with what you have to say about bullying. I tell my kids all the time….you can never MAKE someone do or don't do something. The only person you can change is yourself. And this is coming from someone who was picked on a lot as a kid.
    And about eBooks….I actually prefer them. The only downside is that I can't pass them on to someone else when I'm done reading them.

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