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Does Anyone Miss the NBA? Will You Miss the Playboy Club?

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  • The NBA has locked out its players. Practices are already missed. Yet no one seems to notice or care. Seriously, how different is this from the NFL? The reason: fans know the NFL regular season really matters, and the NBA’s doesn’t.
  • The Monday Night Football game, Colts at Bucs, was a dog. Meantime, MLB had its top draw, the Yankees, in the playoffs. The ratings result: NFL still crushes MLB. Bad sign for MLB. Games have moments for stirring excitement, but in general, they’re way too slow. Playoff games used to go two hours. Now they’re four hours.
  • I’m not a big believer in bulletin board material, but Penn State just provided Iowa with some. Linebacker Glenn Carson, “Iowa’s a wrestling school, and Penn State’s a football school, so we’ve got to take it to them.” Carson later said he was sorta joking and mostly showing respect to the Dan Gable tradition.
  • Paul Rhoads says Robert Griffin III is like watching a video game. Yes he is, and I can’t wait to see if ISU can slow him down. The Cyclones defense has been underrated.

  • NBC has already canceled the Playboy Club. The wanna-be Mad Men had promise, and was actually tame, given the protests from Utah. However, the most disturbing trend is that networks now have no patience for shows to develop and build an audience, and we all know it! Why invest in a show if the rug could be pulled out from you with no resolutions to plot points? In the 2011 culture, Seinfeld would have been canceled in year one. (Low ratings). 

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