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Gray’s Lake Streaming and Happy Birthday

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Good Morning!
First things first. It’s my Beautiful Bride’s Birthday! She’s got a busy month ahead with Race for the Cure but we’ll have a proper celebration at the end of the month. Extended Birthday Celebrations are more fun anyway.

Gray’s Lake
The National Planning Association listed Gray’s Lake Park as one of America’s 10 great Public Spaces for 2011.
This is one of those honors that People who work for the City get pretty excited about…and rightly so. But we asked this morning…what is this going to mean for the city? There’s not a lot of specifics on that front. It’s never bad to get national recognition…it’s an addition to our City’s resume…but I think this is more well deserved recognition for City Leaders than it is something a lot of people will take notice of or pride in. We already knew it was one of the best Public Parks in the Nation.


Gov. Chris Christie isn’t running. Good. Can we stop talking about it now?

No Workers

So there aren’t any workers in the South to harvest Crops. We ran a story here at Noon about it. The tough new immigration laws have these workers…legal and illegal afraid they’ll get arrested if they show up to work. So let me get this straight…we have millions of people out of work and no one wants these jobs? What a surprise.

So these lawmakers playing tough on immigration just raised your taxes. Call it what you want…but food just got more expensive as a result of using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito.

There was another way here. Use a Guest Worker Program. Give each an ID card and insert a tracking chip in each. These are not US citizens. They would be here on probation, and like a lot of other people under the supervision of the authorities here…we could make sure we know where they are by tracking them. Make them pay taxes and then let them go home at the end of the season. Anyone who doesn’t follow these rules gets deported. Anyone who has a card and breaks any law…gets deported. It certainly not simple…but it’s a joke to suggest ANY of the American Citizen who are out of work would take ANY of these jobs. If I’m wrong…lets prove it and get some people back to work.


So the “new” iPhone is out and the announcement has made me glad I bought an iPhone when I did. This is an upgrade of the current phone not an iPhone5. Looks like I timed it right. I should need a new phone just after the new iPhone5 comes out. BTW the 4s is faster, has a better camera and is cheaper at $99.


Not sure if I am supposed to say so just yet but we are working on streaming Today in Iowa every day. My out of state relatives will be thrilled. I hope this allows more of you to tune in though. Brooke’s Dad said he watched the show from Canada on his phone this morning!

Have a good one!


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