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WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin and Sonya take it up a notch with an obstacle course workout

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A few laps around the gym kick off the High Energy Athletic Training (HEAT) obstacle course at the Walnut Creek YMCA.  It’s not too tough, until the instructor, Kristina Storm kicks it up a notch.

“This is an obstacle course that I picked up at a fitness convention I went to a couple months ago,” says Kristina.  “We went through it with an actual Drill Sergeant.”

Kristina says she’s tweaked it a bit and made it her own, but the class still has a “Boot Camp” feel to it.  And Kristina isn’t far from a Drill Sergeant herself.

“Come on, stride those legs.  Get moving,” she shouts.

After the warm-up, the real work begins.  Kristina shows us how it’s done as she jumps over a line of obstacles.  The goal is to get through the obstacle course as fast as you can.

“We have double everything,” says Kristina.  “So, you’re racing against your partner and the idea is to beat your partner but not let your partner fall that far behind.  So, you want to encourage them and at the same time win.”

From jumping jacks with resistance bands, to squats, leap frogs and jump boxes, this obstacle course has it all and Kristina keeps everyone moving.

“Danna,” she yells at one of the participants.  “Crab walk!  I got my eyes on you!”

This class is built on cardio, but there is also strength training incorporated into the workout.

“Very, very intense,” is how Kristina describes it.  “Most of the people who come here, this is not there first experience at a class like this.  You do need to take some other classes before coming here so you know what you’re getting into.”

At times, it’s downright painful.  And getting through the obstacle course once is hard enough.  By the third round, we’re taxed.  But pushing yourself and your partner is what this workout is all about.  As a result, regardless of the pain, people keep coming back for more.

“I’ll see you next week,” says Kristina.

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