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Conan Still On, Energy Coach Young, Pride for Zabel

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  • The baseball playoffs on TBS reminded many that Conan is still on the air. I like Conan, but I haven’t watched a single show since he left NBC. I just never think of it.
  • I’m rooting for the Cardinals in this round. I’m not a Cardinals fan. I just like how much Andy’s mood improves when they win. When they lose? Not pretty.
  • I’m starting to hear the “Written in the Stars” song in my sleep. Can’t TBS pay for a few more songs?
  • The Iowa Energy’s new head coach is just 29, but I already like him. Kevin Young once got in a rare coach-on-coach fight as he stepped up for his players. He also coached the Shamrock Rovers in Dublin. He tells me everyone was more worried about which pub to meet after the game than the game itself.
Young, and he’s young. (Photo courtesy of nationalhoops.net)
  • There’s a new exhibit for my friend Jim Zabel at the Iowa Hall of Pride. Z earned it. The man has broadcasted Iowa sports for more than 70 years, and he always done it with energy and passion. Z’s not only a legend in his own mind, he’s a legend in his own time. I love it.(x3)
The one and only, Z.
  • The viewers of KDSM Fox 17 picked the Cardinals at winless Vikings, and it wasn’t even close. Deciding which game to put on is a no-win for stations—I know, we’ve done it—but nothing proves Iowans adopt a regional Midwestern NFL team like this bad choice.
  • A friend at Honey Creek Resort on Rathbun Lake tells me the place is near full occupancy all the time lately. I hope Honey Creek keeps the momentum going. We’ve always enjoyed our family time there.
  • If other states keeping moving their caucuses up, Iowa’s will eventually be the week after a President’s inauguration.
  • Most of us didn’t know Steve Jobs, but we sure know his work. Genius. Few people impacted the world the way Jobs did. His death at 56 also reminds us money can’t buy everything. Jobs left us with this quote that seems particulalry poignant now, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”
  • At 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, as I was watching another episode of The Wire, my wife Jenny came down with our little dog, Maggie. She was sick again. As Jenny took Maggie to the vet, I had the feeling she wouldn’t be back. The vet did indeed say it was time. Dogs are wonderful, but gosh it’s hard when you have to say goodbye. We’ll really miss her.


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  • Anonymous

    Sorry about Maggie. You try to tell yourself…. “its just a dog” but its more than that; she was a family member. Sorry for your loss.

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