Cardinals Stumble, Wegher Trouble, Friendly Halloween

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  • Great start to the World Series. Baseball is more of a regional sport than football, but for Cardinals fans, and  hardcore baseball fans, two well played one run games,three hours long is a nice beginning.
  • I do welcome a break from the Tony La Russa is a genius talk, though he might be. La Russa didn’t blow game 2, but he didn’t micromanage the Cards to another win either.
  • The World Series sure changed in the ninth inning. Cardinals win that game, they win the Series. Now it’s up for grabs.
  • It’s ridiculous the wild card winning Cardinals have home field advantage because the National League won the All-Star exhibition in the middle of the season.
  • Brandon Wegher can’t get his life going in a positive direction since leaving the Hawkeyes for personal problems. He’s only 20. Still time to get it together.
  • Jewel Hampton—remember him?—will play for Southern Illinois against UNI Saturday.
  • Former Cyclone Alexander Robinson signs with the Cedar Rapids Titans. The IFL is the “other” indoor football league, though to be fair, it’s actually called Indoor Football League. I digress. The Vikings cut A-Rob, and as he tries to work his way back to the NFL, he’ll make $225 a game, an extra $25 if the Titans win. Not exactly Chris Johnson pay.
  • First college basketball poll out, not an Iowa team in sight. Can’t wait for a return to glory. Paging anyone.
  • Living History Farms does a great job with Halloween for small kids.

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    The Cardinals had a “Cubs moment” last night when they threw it all away in the ninth inning. Just about anybody would like to see the Cardinals beat Texas in the World Series, but that's starting to look less and less likely.

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