RECYCLE ME: A recycling business is born for apartment dwellers in the metro

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A new metro business is working to make recycling more convenient for everyone; no matter where you live or work.

Most homeowners are able to set out their recyclables out on the curb for pick-up.

But for many apartment dwellers, recycling requires driving to a drop-off center; that is until now.

It's Friday morning and Ciji Mitrisin is making the rounds.

Ciji says, "I've worked as a waitress all my life so I love the service industry."

But as an apartment dweller she saw a need for a new kind of service.

"I had a lot of friends that wanted to do the right thing but they're so busy and there's all these excuses of why they were not taking their hoards of recycling."

So Ciji decided she could start taking it to a drop off center for them.

"More people just kept coming up and wanting to be a part of it and signing up and being extremely grateful that they didn't have to lug all their recycling to the drop off centers."

And out of all that lugging, her business, Recycle Me Iowa was born.

She says, "It's only 10 dollars a month, and then we come and pick up every other week. It's basically just like curbside for homes but it's doorstep for apartments."

Amber Duimestra admits she used to set aside cardboard and plastic with good intentions, but usually ended up throwing it away.

All that stuff would have been going in the garbage.  Now she simply sets it outside her door.

She says, "It just disappears and you get this nice new little bag on your door and then you just take it inside and fill it up again."

Recycle Me Iowa's success has now grown to include small businesses and even events.  Signing up is as easy as logging on to the website,

Ciji says, "Every person that signs up, once they find out they're just so genuinely thankful and appreciative that there is something so convenient for them."

Recycle Me Iowa got its start thanks to grants from the Department of Natural Resources as well as Metro Waste Authority.