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Baseball Game for the Ages, Defending Tebow and Tebowing

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  • As I begin blogging, it’s 11:35 p.m., and World Series game 6 is still going. It has been, quite simply, one of the most exciting baseball games in history. Not the best played, but one of the most thrilling. The Cardinals have come back from the dead twice. The Rangers were one pitch from winning the World Series twice.
  • Game over! David Freese homers in the 11th and the Cardinals will not die. Amazing baseball game. I feel bad for any baseball fan who missed it. Heck, any sports fan.
  • I hope kids who are Cardinals fans were allowed to stay up late. I’ve forgotten most of what I learned in 1975, but I will never forget game 6 of the World Series, and no kid watching this game will forget it either.
  • Joe Buck’s homage to his father, and his father’s team, “We will see you tomorrow night!” is okay by me. I loved it. And as many of you pointed out, it was 20 years ago Buck’s dad, Jack, used the line on Kirby Puckett’s game 6 home run, also in the 11th, also to center field.
  • I don’t root for the Cardinals, but I sure respect that organization and its fans. Plus, Andy will be in a great mood Friday.
  • The home team almost always wins game 7.
  • Maybe that song on TBS that drove me crazy during the playoffs, “Oh, it’s written in the stars…” is right.
  • I had little interest in this World Series, but it’s been the most entertaining in at least a decade.
  • In other news, planking is done, Tebowing is now. I Tebowed before Thursday’s Murph & Andy Show:
  • I was surprised, and disappointed, to learn a few local people saw this as mocking Tebow’s Christian faith. That thought never crossed my mind. I think those people are taking “Tebowing” too literally. Tebowing for me is about the physical pose, not prayer. It’s a fun take on an indelible image. I’m sure someone somewhere sees it as an opportunity to mock Tebow, but not me. I continue to see Tebow as one of the most positive figures in sport. I think he’s the rare role model who is sincere in all that he says and does.  I believe him, and I root for him.  Unfortunately, Tebow’s become a polarizing figure, in large part not through any fault of his, but because many of his supporters see any humor or criticism aimed at Tebow as some kind of attack on Christianity, which is not consistent with the Christ I was raised on.


  • Anonymous

    Well said, Keith, on all accounts – Exciting series, being able to respect a ballclub you don't personally root for (take note other Cub fans), and the clarity that a dissenting opinion of Tebow implies a knock on Christ.

    Great blog – Thanks for posting!

  • Anonymous

    Can't bring myself to root for the Cardinals but I can't help but respect them, either (and be jealous as a Cubs fan that they've made smart personnel moves in the last few years). As Yogi Berra said 'It ain't over til it's over'.

    Well said on the Tebow stuff, too. If Tim himself isn't bothered by the critics (he's using it like fuel for his fire to succeed; an appropriate response in my opinion) then no one else should be bothered by it or see it as an attack on his religion, either.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Keith, not buying your comments on Tebow. It is one thing to poke fun at players for their touchdown dance or something stupid they said or did. It rises to another level to mock someone for openly thanking God and now you act surprised you are receiving some criticism. I thought you were classier than that.

  • Keith Murphy

    I'm never surprised to receive criticism, comes with the job. I know people love to criticize, especially anonymously. I sign my name.

    What surprises, and saddens me, is the immediate assumption from a few scattered people like you that Tebow's faith is being mocked. I was not doing that, and frankly, I don't care if you're buying it because I know what's in my heart.

    Most people are having fun with the pose, and see it as a positive. Ed Wilson Tebowed at the end of weather last night, and Ed feels strongly about Tebow's Christian beliefs and values as role model.

    Tebow gets it, and appreciates it, but predictably some are going to now tell us what's in our heart, and what our intent is instead of taking us at our word, which doesn't sound very Christian does it?

    I have no doubt, as I've said, that with millions of people now Tebowing, some may be mocking, but I know most of us aren't. We're having fun with an indelible pose from a guy we like and respect.

    It's not Tebow that polarizes. It's the judgmental followers.

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