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I better get started on this now…cause I’ve tried to start a blog each of the last three work days…and failed.
This was one of those morning it was tough to get out of the house. The monitor we have in our room kept cracking like there was some interference with the signal. That was keeping Sally awake. I crawled under the bed to unplug it and move it across the room. No help.

So I went into the boys room to move the transmitter. I woke Will up in the process. He seemed upset and asked if he could go downstairs with me. So I took a couple minutes to calm him down and get him to go back to sleep. So it was a struggle to get out the door.
Here’s the News and a little catching up

The Manufacturing forum in Pella should be interesting. I’d like to hear what these candidates have to say about manufacturing. I’d want to know if they grasp how the world is changing and where the US fits into the overall picture of manufacturing. i think anyone who’s looking for a Maytag factory to come back to a place like Iowa isn’t paying attention. That doesn’t mean manufacturing is dead in Iowa. it means we have to change our thinking about manufacturing radically. Lets see if the Candidates agree.
-Welcome to the front-runner’s seat Herman Cain. These allegations and the conversations surrounding them bring up some uncomfortable issues within the Republican party and in American Politics in general.

-How do you convince yourself that you can still win the Iowa Caucuses when you’ve dropped so hard in the Polls? That’s the question two of the major campaigns have to address. I supposed you are trying to consolidate all of the religious conservative Caucusers but I would have to ask myself…where do you go from there? South Carolina? you would have already lost New Hampshire. Florida is next and as you get farther away from Iowa it would appear the number of religious conservative voters gets lower and lower? So one would have to ask…who are there people who feel this should be the direction of the Republican Party, when clearly, that’s not the reality on the ground in so many parts of the country?

Report Card
Iowa gets it’s report card for grades four through eight. I would think this might be a starting point the administration uses for it’s reforms.

I really don’t care about Kim Kardashian’s Wedding or her Divorce. How is it not clear to anyone who watched this woman that all of this was planned? It’s pretty clear she doesn’t care about anyone but herself…and that she’d do anything to further her own name and celebrity. And lets review…her celebrity stems from her Father’s job, a sex tape and now a failed marriage. We’re the idiots for continuing to watch this train wreck of a person.

New Car
I went into my dealer this weekend after a quick phone conversation. I’m a leaser. I’m two thirds of the way through my latest lease and knew the values of used cars were pretty high. Turns out the value was good enough that I got out of my old lease…got into the 2012 version of my car and lowered my payments by $20! Sounds good to me.
The best part of it is that the 2012 version of the car has bluetooth capability for phone and music. I really like it…and you can’t beat the smell of a new car.

I hope you have a good day!

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  • circawdm

    Hi Patrick,

    – Baby monitors, like other electronics (cell phones included) can be wonderful and so helpful when they are working properly. All are susceptible to interference or malfunctioning. Bummer for you and Will that it is acting up in the middle of the night. I often wonder how in the world you can function on what sometimes must be only 3-4 hours of sleep or less!?

    – Manufacturing structure and changing how and where it is done is a huge issue. The owners of the companies also have to change their minds or get some incentives so they quit outsourcing to all the foreign countries or we will continue to lose money not only in Iowa. Buying an American made product and only getting hard to understand, poor quality customer or technical support from Malaysia, India, etc,. is a huge peeve & frustration of mine. Somehow, although I don't know how, this all has to change, or our manufacturing jobs will shrink more and that will lead to more job loss and other nasty things.

    – Herman Cain has problems, and we'll see what happens if any of his accusers are able to come forward. If they do, he has no chance. Those who think not coming to Iowa for debates and visits are fooling themselves, even though because so many of the other people running on the GOP ticket have “faded” in popularity, Romney might get things by default, which many pundits seem to believe at this point.

    – Iowa's schools are an embarrassment. I am glad when I went to grade and middle and high school in the 50-60's the standards for us were higher. At least we had to take certain important courses and we were held to a much higher standard then. If you ever see Jay Leno's “Jaywalking” skits, it is embarrassing and also telling to see how many young “in college” young men and women don't know such basic things like the number of states, who fought in the Revolutionary War, or who was president during the Civil War! It's funny and pathetic both.

    – Anyone who wastes their time with most of the “reality” TV shows – especially the KarCASHians is either very, very bored and cannot figure out how to use the remote on their TV to change channels, or they are living vicariously and have a very odd standard of how the majority of the real world lives and behaves and speaks. The entire family seems to be dysfunctional. Even Bruce, who I admired so much when he was an Olympic champion has allowed his vanity or given in to his wife and blended family's obvious vanity, to allow himself to undergo plastic surgery which makes him look only slightly better than Kenny Rogers or others who had bad plastic surgery results.

    – Congrats on the new car!! I was gifted through an odd windfall, a 2011 Ford which has voice sync and USB for iPhone-iPod synch, satellite radio, navigation and all kinds of other bells & whistles I am still figuring out! :) For a guy who loves gadgets & also had a 13 year old car which was costing serious repair money, it was a Godsend. Enjoy it and be safe in it. Mine is 6 months old now and just turned 1000 miles. Due to my health I only drive 1500 or so miles a year. I have a 6 yr. full warranty also. It's the only car I'll ever need again. The new car smell is still slightly there also. :) The best thing is it is totally paid for, so one less bill to worry about in 2012.

    Thanks for finishing a long blog Pat. I am sure it takes concentration and discipline when you are working on a show and also trying to wake up or think about other things you have to do after your noon show.

    – DRT

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