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Quade Out, Unguarded Again, Murphy Returns

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  • Nice guys don’t always finish last. Mike Quade was next to last (behind the Astros). It’s no surprise Quade’s fired in Chicago. Theo Epstein wants to get his own guy in the Cubs dugout, and that guy won’t be Ryne Sandberg.
  • If the Cardinals hire Ryno, Chris Hassel will need therapy. Well, more therapy.
  • Ed Wilson just got the new iphone—not sure which number Apple’s on—but Ed is just throwing out random facts that turn up on some app. Today’s example, “Hey Murph, did you know Georgia Tech once beat Cumberland College in football 222-0?”. Surprisingly, I did know that. I was obsessed with sports trivia as a kid. I know less as an adult, and I follow sports for a living. Remember those carefree days?  
  • My parents went back to Florida. I miss them already. Oh, and if you’re reading this dad, Happy Birthday!
  • I watched the ESPN film Unguarded again. It’s that’s good. The Chris Herren story is heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. We’re having Chris on our radio show Thursday. I can’t wait to talk to him, though I know going in our conversation can’t live up to the talks he gives in the film. If you’ve missed the first two passes of Unguarded, I urge you to watch Saturday morning at 6 a.m. on ESPN2. Or DVR it. That’s kind of early.
  • I made the mistake of watching Up All Night after I watched Modern Family. Any current sitcom will suffer by comparison. However, Maya Rudolph was so funny at the end of Up All Night, I’ll watch it again.
  • It’s going to be a long three weeks. Not liking the mustache. It does make people smile, er, laugh.
  • Looking forward to Tower Heist. It appears Eddie Murphy might be funny again. Remember the roll he was on in the 80s? SNL, Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours, Trading Places, Raw, Delirious, Coming to America… wow.
No one calls him Murph.
  • Adam Sandler made some funny movies too, but Jack & Jill looks as bad as Bucky Larson.
  • The Cardinals win the World Series, but the Packers make the cover of Sports Illustrated. Any doubt about America’s new pastime?


  • Anonymous

    Football might be the new “pastime” in a way. But that's not something that should be celebrated. As Americans become less educated, their television interests continue to reflect their lower intelligence (i.e. Jersey Shore over the news, football over baseball, etc.)

  • Anonymous

    From one Anonymous to another:

    Football fans aren't less intelligent, they're more productive, and choose not to spend four hours to watch just one of their team's 162 regular season games.

  • Anonymous

    I'm neither of the first two commenters; and for the record I like both football AND baseball. Like the non-stop physical action of football and the mental chess match of baseball.

    Also the last 2 or 3 SI covers before the one Keith mentions were devoted to the World Series (and rightly so; wouldn't have killed them to run a 3rd but they probably didn't want to do 3 or 4 baseball covers in succession or they felt the Packers cover was a better picture…I'm a magazine editor myself so there's almost always some dilemma).

    As a Cubs fan it looked like Quade was given checkers to play a chess match with; I don't know if anyone could have won with that team (sigh). Granted he didn't help himself out much…arguing with pitchers (Dempster and Zambrano) and hardly playing any younger players when it was mathematically clear the Cubs weren't going to the postseason.

    Hopefully Theo will right some of Hendry's wrongs (cough, Soriano, cough). And just because Ryno was a great player doesn't mean he will be a great manager (look at Wayne Gretzky)…plus that job is much much less attractive if Pujols goes anywhere else. I think he'll stay, though.

    – Stoney81

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