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Standoff, No Snow, and Palindrome

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Good Morning!
Our floor Crew informs me today is a palindrome. That the numbers that represent the date is the same forward and backwards. The date is November 2, 2011. So if you represent that numerically, 11-02-2011.
I guess I am an Uber-geek because I think this stuff is interesting. So much so that I went out and Googled it looking for more information…and boy did I get it. Here’s part of an article I found from Aziz Anan at University of Portland:

Nov. 2, 2011 represented as 11022011 is a one-of-a-kind palindrome date with respect to all palindrome dates contained in all four-digit years. Why?
First, number 11022011 equals 7 x 7 x 11 x 11 x 11 x 13 x 13, that is, the product of seven square, eleven cube and thirteen square where numbers seven, eleven and thirteen are three consecutive prime numbers! So, number 11022011 is divisible by the product of the squares of three consecutive prime numbers! Furthermore, it’s also divisible by the cube of the middle prime of the three consecutive primes! In fact, 11022011 = 72 x 113 x 132 where, interestingly enough, the three superscripts side-by-side constitute 232 which is also a palindrome! Fascinating, isn’t it? No other such palindrome date exists in all four-digit years.
In addition, since 7 x 11 x 13 yields 1001, another palindrome number, one could also express date 11022011 as 1001 x 11 x 1001 where the left and right sides of this expression divided in the middle are almost mirror images of one another! Isn’t that something?
Also, if date number 11022011 is split into four two-digit numbers as 11, 02, 20 and 11, the first two numbers add up to 13 and the sum of the last two is 31, and 13 and 31 put side-by-side yield 1331 = 11 x 11 x 11! Now, by introducing two zeros in-between the digits of the first and last elevens, this expression will change from 11 x 11 x 11 to 1001 x 11 x 1001 = 11022011! Wow!

If that hurts your head…sorry. I just thought it was cool.

We’ve been experiencing a string of overnight stories worth telling you about at 5AM, Last night it was a guy shooting a gun through the windows of his home near Altoona. Police called in a SWAT team right away…but by the time negotiators showed up to talk to the guy…he’d decided to give himself up.

No Snow:

Jeriann is going out on a bit of a limb today. When she looks at all the forecast data, she says she just doesn’t think there’s going to be enough moisture around tonight by the time it gets cold enough to snow.
This is what we like, and what we hope you appreciate, about Jeriann. She is not wishy washy on her forecast. “Chance of” this or that doesn’t often enter into her forecast. She tries to tell you what IS going to happen not what MIGHT happen. If she’s wrong, she says so…but at least she’s trying to give you a definitive answer rather than hiding behind, “well I told you it might/might not snow”.


Did you see the Polish pilot land that 767 without wheels? That was amazing! It takes a lot of skill and some luck to have something like that go off without incident.

Tell All
Jack Abramoff has a new book out about lobbying in Washington. Here’s the preview.

Sharing the Wealth

The Today in Iowa team has gone in on a Powerball ticket the last two drawings.
We didn’t win a lot last time but we won something at least. Everybody dropped a buck in. If we won the $245 million jackpot we’d all be comfortable, but I doubt there’s be a Today in Iowa Team to do the News Thursday morning! I always ask…what would you do if you won the jackpot?

What would you do? We had a significant renovation done to our home when we moved in. Our Contractor hired his subs to do electrical, plumbing painting etc… The Electrical guys did a number on our home. Yesterday I found the third problem in the last year left behind by the contractor. Live wires were left exposed in a crawl space. We found the problem because motors on two heating elements in the kitchen weren’t working.
Now, it’s been a year, I’ve called to address my concerns twice already and the Owner, to his credit, did his best to make it right. I don’t want money, but would you want to know about this latest problem if you owned the business? I’m not sure about calling.

Moment of Autumn Zen
The boys reminded us…they don’t need toys or iPads or x-boxes. A god walk can be a lot of fun for a two year old when the leaves are falling.

Have a good day!


  • Anthill_Goddess

    I had never realized how many “problems” could come up in a new (or new to you) home until I had one of my own. Our kitchen flooded THREE times (I'm talking, water covering my entire kitchen floor) before we got all the kinks worked out in that room. And that was just one room. Would the owner want to hear about the latest? If it were me, I would. It gives me an idea of where my employees need to be paying a bit more attention to make sure my customers are getting the best work available. That being said…I got tired of calling, of HAVING to call…and simply gave up by the time we'd reached a year.

    That palindrome thing was cool! Headache inducing, but cool!

    Have a great (only rainy!) day!

  • circawdm


    Regarding the electrical problems. Year or not, I would certainly call whoever did the work and ask to speak to the owner or the highest up person you can get.

    If they are a business who has been around a long time or even if not, they should be smart enough to know that word of mouth and reputation are everything to a business. There is alot of competition for electrical work and plumbers in any city this size.

    If the owner has any business sense, common sense or conscience, he would look into it, who exactly did that work, etc. and get back to you with some sort of response. You have nothing to lose and perhaps alot to gain IMHO by calling. With electrical work it could have been something that caused a fire and killed someone in your family and destroyed your home.

    – DRT

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