Paying Attention, Jobs, and Flat Matt

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Good Morning!
A Coffee delivery from my boys is on the way to the studios. So I’ll get right to it on a Friday Morning!

Paying Attention
I feel like the debt crisis and the situation in the Eurozone is something we all should be paying more attention to. Our Economy is tied (whether we like it or not) to what happens over there. I just can’t get myself all that worked up over it…and I don’t understand it. Greece is in bad shape…that’s for sure…but the Greek people don’t seem to grasp the situation…and it isn’t as if we’re problem free.

The new national jobs report came out today and the unemployment rate inched down by a fraction. Still the Economy isn’t creating enough jobs to make any kind of a dent.
that said, I thought Dave Price’s Story about Smartphone Apps was interesting. A kid not out of college yet learned how to develop these apps from Youtube tutorials and a book. It’s that kind of story that leaves me thinking…succeeding in this economy is tough for sure…but if you work hard to find a need, take a risk and put a lot of hard work behind it…there are ways to make a living that have nothing to do with Fortune 500 companies. The 99 percent need to stop relying on the one percent they vilify for help. Make your own way. It’s not easy…but it can be done.

Flat Matt
We are celebrating along with NBC’s Today show. Matt Lauer’s reviving his Where in the World segments next week. We are playing along with Where in Central Iowa is Flat Matt! Each day we’ll have a clue as to where we placed “Flat Matt”. There will be a clue and a picture.
Monday’s picture will pop up on Facebook and on the air at 5AM. Here’s part of the first clue:
We’ll give the rest of the clue next Monday…but chew on that for the weekend.

I hope it’s a good one!